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Alrighty, I’ll continue on the train of nicking ideas from [P.S. I love that book] and do another tag. This one’s [Book+Song]: a book and the song that reminds you of it (or vice versa, I guess)

  1. [Captive Prince] series by C.S. Pacat; Lady Gaga – Perfect Illusion
    I feel like I need no explanations here. Perfect illusion of love. Or an illusion of an illusion. Eitherway, this song had me a bit scared of what MIGHT be.
  2. [A Charm of Magpies] series by K.J. Charles; Marina and the Diamonds – Bubblegum Bitch
    Don’t even know how this happened, but this seems a perfect song for mister “Six foot three of money, mouth, and cock” Lucian Vaudrey.
  3. [I Am Legend] by Richard Matheson; Kanye West – Monster
    If you have not read this book, I might surprise you by saying that this is NOT in fact the anthem of the vampires.
  4. [Tzimisce] by Eric Griffin; Lord of the Lost – Blood for Blood
    Ah, Tzimisce. I imagine they might enjoy the painful vibrations this song provides.
  5. [Anno Dracula] series by Kim Newman; Jessie J – Do it like a dude
    I think this song got into my head mostly due to the ladies kicking ass when their men failed to Dracula. Funny how it seems he killed them all off, and turned most of the women.
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