Massimo Introvigne – Satanism

2862494This is sadly only the tiny little intro book that I found among my books, not the full tome author produced. “Il Satanismo” by Massimo Introvigne (ISBN 978-609-95140-3-1; 62p.; Goodreads) very quickly tells you the main basics, and if you’re interested in the topic – provides you with to-read list that’ll keep you happy for a long while.

Author quickly shuffles us through Satanism, the types, the people, the real, and the fake, possible origins, possible anecdotes, and so on. Books like this always confuse me, due to nature of facts. You can never claim something is truly and utterly true in them, due to literature on the topic being so very wide and complex, and author being one man. So you read to broaden the specter, rather than to know for sure, keep that in mind.

I did like it alright. It’s an intro, not much to rate in a “book” you can eat during loading screens of the game. So I’ll give it 4 out of 5, for, as I said, at the very least, it’ll provide you with a reading list of very decent literature.

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