Nick Dunn – Dark Matters: A Manifesto for the Nocturnal City

cover98642-mediumI can’t recall if I ever read a manifesto before. And right now, after “Dark Matters” (ISBN 1782797483; 120p.; Goodreads) by Nick Dunn I am mighty torn between whether I like it or not.

A manifesto, at least this one, is much like a geyser of thought, exploding out of the author, into the pages. Beautiful, possibly exaggerated, painted in thick saturated colors, full of passion… And as a result – very weighty. You end up reading this one giant sentence that is nothing more than an epithet for the topic at hand. What little information you do get (not necessarily actually little) is all entangled in these vines of burning want to express the feeling you get when you’re face-to-face with the topic.

And in this case, the author is mighty passionate about the night-time walks in the city. So what we have: alluring darkness that rises, rather than comes; a place so familiar suddenly alien due to lack of light and people; things that were taken for granted and went unnoticed in the said light and people mass become a sight to see; etc.

Not a bad read. Not a good read, but I think I feel this way mostly because it was rather meant to be read as it is meant to be written – in one breath that pulls the ground from under your feet. You get back up and walk away, so to speak. I spent days on it, and so the thoughts settled, as a result I have a tough time to even explain what this book was… So I’ll give it 3 out of 5, for two is too little, and four is too much. It was worth the time, that is for sure. There are a lot of great thoughts in it, and all the sources, kindly. So if you have a spare hour or two, feel free to indulge.

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