C.S. Pacat – Captive Prince: Prince’s Gambit [2]

23398894These books are exactly what I needed in my life, all my life. Direct result of that was me reading this one until 4am (mind you, I usually get to bed at around 2am, so it’s not as long as you might think), forcing myself to put it down, in case it ended too quickly. Then, I couldn’t write a review on it for a couple days. But since my nose is already in the third, here is, with a bleeding heart, my conclusion on book two in the addictive C.S. PacatCaptive Prince” trilogy: “Prince’s Gambit” (ISBN 0425274276; 216p.; Goodreads).

As Regent plots a war against divided, and weakened Akielos, Damen is forced to side with the only one who has the will and power to stop it: prince of Vere, Laurent. It would be easy enough to attempt and keep him alive until he ascends the throne if Regent hadn’t pressured him to leave for the border to take up his duty in the ever lasting warring. Every step is an attempt to murder or maim, and every failure for it promises something worse in the future. And Laurent is a complex being to guard on top of it, being mistrustful of everyone, scheming, plotting, too full of surprised for Damen to keep up. The moment he accepts the fact that they’re as good as dead, Laurent bides their time, talking their way out of it, until something happens, and they get saved. Later on it usually turns out it was all part of a great plan where Laurent, barely, was a step ahead of his uncle.

On the other side of this war tent, Laurent is torn apart. It seems that the only people he can trust, are those who are open about being his enemy. Like the Akielon slave on his cushion pallet. Having no support of his own, Laurent makes the most twisted and breaking decision he could have, sending out a plea for help to a least likely source…

This book was so full of twists and political schemes, that I had a hard time putting it down. Every page, every chapter kept my brain buzzing, asking “what’s next? one more page? just one more, just to see, what’s next!” So naturally I can only give it 5 out of 5, and pray to the Universe I can have these books in paper, to fondle the good memories in physical form. That’s the only regret I have on e-books, you know? It’s less easy for me to turn back to a book when I have to exit the one I’m currently reading.

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