C.S. Pacat – Captive Prince [#1]

20878022Let me just put this out here right away, this book is strictly adult stuff. And now that I warned you, let’s talk about “Captive Prince” (ASIN B00I3REIHI; 241p; Goodreads) by C.S. Pacat, and why do I have another crush on another fictional character, and again, one that isn’t all that likable.

Damen is captured during an overthrow of power in his own country. His bastard (literally) brother is taking the throne, and has a hell prepared for the legitimate heir. Instead of just killing him, he prepped him up and sent him off with a slave shipment to a rival country. After all, Akielos bed slaves are valued all over…

In Vere nothing is as it seems. Everything is adorned, beautiful, pampered, made look pleasing for the eye. Pets are kept covered in gold and jewelry, while their masters often prefer a level of simplicity. The most vicious are the cutest, smallest, and seemingly harmless. Would that then mean one could trust those who seemed the most vicious instead? Prince Laurent, a gorgeous young man, spins a careful web of rule and survival. His uncle, current regent of the throne, seems to be the reason for all this tension. And Damen accidentally falls right in the middle of their feud. But you know how they say: where two fight… A slave might escape.

At first I thought this book to be same bdsm as Beauty’s Trilogy by Anne Rice (just with all the queerness possible, in Vere – bastards are abominations, so if you need a lover outside the marriage – it has to be your own sex), but the further it went, the more I doubted that idea. In this type of books all roads lead to bed, but this was not the case. Prince, behind his back, while loved terribly by his guards, who would’ve dropped to their knees at a mere offer from the prince (yes, that’s what I meant), kept calling him frigid for he took no lovers, and then a b-tch, for his temper made grown men stop and consider if what they’re doing won’t anger the gorgeous blond blue-blood. Even when lust-inflicting poison come into play – we don’t get a play. And, honestly, that made me admire this book, the characters too. They seemed shallow at first, but the further it went, the more I saw of that delicate little all-connecting web.

So while this is a smut book, one that doesn’t sugar-coat what’s what, it’s not your usual one. It had just about enough in it for me to develop a crush on Laurent, and start second book right after the first (I usually like to keep a bit of a space between books in series or trilogies for that matter). Politics were odd, I admit, and some things made absolutely no sense, but there was not a page boring. And when it seemed like it’ll get boring here, something real dramatic in a “dun-dun-duuuuun” sense of that word happened. So… yeah. 5 out of 5, let’s see what’s the second one all about.

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