John Flanagan – Ranger’s Apprentice 3: Icebound Land

127823Pushed through the book, will push through the review too, I guess. “Icebound land” (Ranger’s Apprentice 3: Icebound Land; ISBN 0399244565; 266p.; Goodreads) is a third book in John Flanagan‘s Ranger’s Apprentice series. And I am having a serious love-hate relationship with them.

Spoilers from previous two books ahead:

Will and Cassandra are taken as captives to be slaves towards some strange land. And while Holt, Will’s teacher, promised him to find him, in that wonderful dramatic episode from the last book, he spent this one mostly trying to start traveling. A problem to solve every two steps, a man to teach manners every five steps, with author kindly marking that months and months have passed instead. But it’s fine, Will and Cassandra are perfectly safe, since wherever they go, there’s an adult feeling for them, who feels a need to take care of two teenager slaves, ignoring all the other ones in the mean time.

Spoilers end here:

This book made me realize they’re more like chapters of one great book, rather than separate pieces. I heard tumbleweeds roll by when nothing happened chapter, after chapter, after chapter. Then, of course, author would remember to show how amazingly skilled his good guys are, and continue with the nothingness. I’m sorry, but 2/5 is the best I can offer. And I’m taking a break from these series here until such a day I feel like allowing my mind a rest again.

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