Brandon Sanderson – The Final Empire [Mistborn #1]

68428  As someone who does indeed love high fantasy, I get to read too little of it. Luckily, there’s book club. This time it was “Mistborn: The Final Empire” (Mistborn 1; ISBN 076531178X; 541p.; Goodreads) by Brandon Sanderson, with this wonderful cover on it. I hope someday I can get these. Personally I’m a fan of minimalism on book covers, I’ve seen way too much poor photoshop jobs to appreciate photographs and/or movie posters, but this is a piece of art.

During the day the world is slowly covered in black, sooth-like ash that skaa are always in a hurry to clean and tidy, lest it stains a nobleman, clogs the streets, or damages property. But the nights are far worse. At night world gets covered with thick, swirling, damp, and cold mist. Impenetrable, always moving, hiding things, beings, muffling sounds. Legends speak of mist wraiths, and everyone knows the noble Allomancers, also known as Mistborn, go out and train in the night. And Lord Ruler only knows what other horrors are out there. So if you were stupid enough to venture into the nights, find a safe place to hide, for you might very well not be allowed back into your home before the mists are gone. Everyone knows you might no longer be what you claim to be if the mist touches you…

This world is full of odd and unique magic. Some swallow metals and burn them inside themselves, getting such abilities as pushing, pulling, emotion soothing, physical strength and many others. Other people can store memories, strength, youth even, in their metals. Lowest of the low, skaa, have none of it. Unless, that is, someone disobeyed the law, and mingled with them. And that all only scratches the surface!

Main heroes both live in a city with their God, Lord Ruler. He might have once been a man, but he is no longer. They don’t fall in love, but rather form an extension for each other to grow trough. And best of all, they’re both willing to try and make this Final Empire topple, hopefully upon its God.

I love how characters are in this book. They have their own lives, their views, and yet they’re able to adapt and make decisions reader doesn’t anticipate. I love how different it all was, and how well it was presented, without pages after pages of dry explanations. You, entering this world, are allowed to experience it, and learn on your own, without confusion, without burdens. I must give this book a solid 5 out of 5, merely because such books are a rare treasure to find. As much as some… happenings and plot twists had made me sad, so much I have loved everything that happened there.

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