I wish to say this right away: book “LookBook” is titled “Style book for young women“, and it is just that. A style book for truly young women, girls. My opinion should not, thus, affect you in any way, since this book wasn’t meant for me in the first place.

First chapter set me in a good mood. I thought: hey, look, a super short, super narrow little encyclopedia on fashion, just as much as I can spare attention to something like this! I enjoyed getting to know designers and their history. I was truly interested in what types of experts work in fashion. But little by little I started noticing small things. Then they grew bigger. If one writes a short book, with facts that are pre-chewed out of wikipedia, one should, at the very least, make sure they’re correct. One does not simply cut a fact out of a sentence for the sake of it being shorter either.

So here’s how it went. As I said, first chapter was all nice and good. I was reading through designer names, and came across jackets, all marked and titled, thinking just how cool is this, I can now tell which is which. But then I noticed same thing with hats. Two of the hats had pictures and names mixed up, thus calling one – another. It got me thinking, what if that’s a common case in this book? And that’s just one example.

Further on, after googling a lot of other clothing articles, for titles tell me very little, I reached style section. Rocker. Prep. Lolita. Generally I’m okay with setting styles into strict frames, and then loosening that frame up a bit for “casual wear”. But for the sake of lolita fashion I invite people who will read this, to go on and search more information. I promise you, you will be surprised, and very possibly impressed, for their definition of lolita is what I’d call a “mild prep” instead.

The rest is mostly just poor and even wrong facts. Like the reasons why blue jeans are blue. Or what’s vintage. This and the fact that the book kept pointing out, as a matter of fact, that this outfit should be avoided if you’re rounder, or that this outfit fits slim girls better were the things that got to me.

So in conclusion, I will repeat, this book was not for me, therefor I will not rate it. I will probably give it a 2 in goodreads, for I just bloody hope that those who will read this book will be smart girls, and will understand that they’re beautiful no matter what, and if they like a style – that style fits them, no matter the size.

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