July Summary


So technically this is not just July, but some of the August too. It all blends together thou, so bear with me.

The Good:

  • Had my hair painted blue-green.
  • Got three books from publishers, all three pretty good
  • Got a custom jewelry order, and it was bloody amazing.
  • Got a very nice and kind review for it!
  • Came out. No comments.
  • Found black tooth brush.
  • Got a sorta-present new shoes (sorta, because we’re going out asap)
  • Got my 5th copy of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, so far the most beautiful.
  • Made up with a couple of friends, since they made a very decent effort.
  • Cared about myself a little extra, rather than not at all.
  • Found a LOT of good new music to listen to.
  • Started jogging daily.
  • Beat Saints Row 2 completely.
  • Started playing the now free Ghost in the Shell game (let me know your nick if you got it)
  • Got some postcards!
  • Watched Tarzan and Suicide Squad in theaters.
  • Drawn something kinky and it received a good response of giggles.
  • Made a few gorgeous pieces of jewelry.
  • Re-realized I have some seriously amazing people as my friends.

The Bad:

  • Debt is reaching the peak to the point where I don’t think any help will be enough to not get kicked out.
  • I still don’t have a job, and I doubt the ones who called me will actually take me.
  • I mostly feel apathy, and therefor – nothing at all.
  • Having real hard time falling asleep.
  • Puked for nearly every day for the past and this month.
  • Head hurts almost every day too.
  • I’m just… really unhappy somehow.
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