Bobbie Peers – William Wenton and the Luridium Thief

31176180I think I mentioned this before a time or two: I like urban fantasy. I like most fantasy, but I find Urban one to be as high up there, as, say, High fantasy. It’s just different and beautiful, if done right. So when offered “William Wenton and the Luridium Thief” by Bobbie Peers (ISBN 9789955239093; 240p.; Goodreads) I jumped at the opportunity, and I’ve nothing to regret.

William is an odd child by the common definition of “normal”. He sits home solving puzzles and secrets, and reads through thousands and thousands of his grandfather’s books that no one else feels like touching. He goes by a fake surname too, since his family came from England to start a new life in Norway soon after an accident in which Will nearly died, and his father was left paralyzed from waist down. Soon after his grandfather disappeared too, and now they must hide. Hide, as in: blend in, don’t stand out, stop getting into trouble, stop solving things, William! Not exactly something the boy can do. Especially not when the Impossible Code surfaces and is being brought all the way to Norway to an expedition his whole class is going to!

Lots of secrets. Lots of robots, codes, mysteries. If I can describe it whole in one sentence, I’d say: Kingsman for kids. Things are not teched-out, so it’s perfect for the audience it is aimed for. There’s no magic, all is made with science, so might be a good motivator for those who will soon have school to start too. Pointing that out since I’m pretty sure Harry didn’t motivate me to study maths when he studied transfiguration. I give this book solid 4 out of 5, and am eagerly awaiting for second book to be translated!

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