Zoe Sugg – Girl Online

22510983Sometimes books are not meant for us. Sometimes stories are oriented at whole other demographic. And sometimes, no matter this all, we love them. This was the case for me with “Girl Online” by Zoe Sugg (ISBN 0141357274; 352p.; Goodreads).

When your head is full of thoughts it is better to just put them all out, than boil in them. But when you’re a teenage in school – that might be hard to achieve. 10 points to whatever Hogwarts house you chose if you know who said: give man a mask and he will tell you the truth. Penny’s alter ego GirlOnline was born out of this need to speak the truth without fearing the consequences. Thus: an anonymous online blog.

Story is well written, and goes easily from disasters (falling onto your crush, falling on a scene after the play, whole school watching, etc), to bran new life (work offer in New York, different, better people, etc), mixing it all in good measures, and solving all that had to be solved. And while I say that, I wish to add, that this is a fairly common story, IF written (truly) better than most out there. The uncommon, at least for me, at least for a Lithuanian, was Penny’s best friend, Elliot (sorry, don’t know how many L’s are in his name, I had a translation given to me by wonderful publishers out here). There was a line he said, and I’ll have to paraphrase since I can’t direct quote (again, I own translation): it’s easy for you. You find your prince charming and your parents are happy for you. If I ever find mine, they’ll disown me.

That’s the sad truth most people don’t get to see, be it because no one covers it, or because it’s too personal to get out there. The fact it was given here, so firmly, with a flood of the main story line, thus leaving a whole sense in the reader, rather than just some general information to be forgotten in the dust makes me glad. It’s time for a change. And I believe such books are good starters.

So all in all, this is not my typical book, even thou I do like bloggers, and stories they write. I was offered it as an easy summer read, and I jumped at the chance. The book is truly an easy read, one day, two at most for a good reader. I’ll give it 4 out of 5 just because whole teenage love story nearly gave me diabetes with all that sugar and sweets.

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2 thoughts on “Zoe Sugg – Girl Online

  1. Love this book! Loved the post! Maybe check out my blog? Possibly give it a follow? Much love ♡ – Ali

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