George R.R. Martin – Fevre Dream

382450I’m always curious of what the now famous authors used to write when they were less so known. I also like vampire stories, so “Fevre Dream” by George R.R. Martin (ISBN 0553383051, 334p.; Goodreads) was a natural choice. In advance I will say, that this is the slowest paced book I have ever read, but hey, I assume that’s Martin’s style.

On the river of Mississippi a steamboat life is bubbling and boiling. It’s not all about the profit, not at all. There’s races, talk and boasting of sizes and speed, pride, piloting skills. Abner Marsh is watching this all bitterly from the shore, his steamboats taken away by forces of nature. Only natural thus that when a tall pale stranger walks in, giving him an offer of his life, a steamboat of his dreams, March jums at the opportunity. After all, in exchange, he only has to suffer the eccentric co-captain.

Joshua York sleeps during the day, has eyesight any lightening pilot would love to have, drinks wile wine, and sometimes makes the steamer stop for days at time. On top of it all, he forbade Marsh to ask any questions, telling him he’ll tell lies if he feels pressured. But then, maybe Marsh doesn’t even want to know, especially after making the mistake of waking Joshua up one bright and sunny day…

If I thought that Song of Fire and Ice is slow, and half of every book could be skipped without consequences – Fevre Dream takes the prize. The story is good, but there’s very little of it. And it all is solved in last three pages, out of which last one is merely a conclusion in an epilogue form. For that, no matter the beautifully made vampires I cannot give it more than 3 out of 5. Worth the read if you have the time for it.

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