Laura and the Kiss of the Black Demon

12990751Disclaimer: Black Demon is not Sebastian Michaelis, I’m pretty sure of it.

I’ve read Laura’s books by Peter Freund quite some time ago. I think, the 6th one was translated into Lithuanian in 2008, so I probably read it around 2010 or so. The stories are not the best, but pretty good, especially for those who love magic, magic schools, secrets, magical artifacts, ghosts, and a lot of adventures with suspension lasting all the way to the last chapters. And while they’re not the best you could get, they were still real well written. Every book ended leaving the reader content. If it ended here, you knew all you had to know for the time being. If it ends with that book, you can move on.

And that was the reason we all moved on after the 6th book. I did too. Right until I decided to visit author’s page. I don’t even remember the reasons anymore. But there I was, facing the cover of what in a few months would be the 7th book in Laura’s saga.


I wrote to Alma Littera, our publishing grands, around the time I knew of the book, and today I wrote them again. No response whatsoever, making me wonder why they even have the contact emails if you can’t ask them anything anyway. I’m pretty sure that it being 2016, and the last book being 6 years old now, we’ll never see the translation of 7th book. My only hope is to get one of the friends from Germany to find me a cheap copy in a flee market. But what will those who only read in their native Lithuanian do?

Conclusion: that’s a real butt move, not the first, not the last either, AL.

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2 thoughts on “Laura and the Kiss of the Black Demon

  1. KathS

    Do you happen to know if I can find it anywhere, translated in English? Thank you!

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