Winds of Winter: of books and series

330858_800  We still have a couple more books in the beloved series of “Song of Fire and Ice” to go. Those who caught up with all five probably already realized: it might take a while. Those who were fans before series blew it up like a supernova are possibly laughing at us, justly so, but that’s the truth. We’re waiting, and we might be a bit baffled as of why we’re still waiting, since season 6 of Game of Thrones is due April. And while this wagon of revelations was set lose in January by author of the epic stories himself, I thought better later than never: time to address it.

Disclaimer: I will add my opinions as a reader and a writer by heart. I feel like that’s only fair, seeing how personal he was about it.

In his “Not a Blog” blog George R.R. Martin picks up the painful topic of “so when’s the book, George??“, putting it all onto a plate for us to tarnish in either frenzy of “how dare you” or “okay, fair enough“. I am the latter type here, so I won’t address his apologetic tones, but skip to the facts: first deadline was Halloween 2015. Distractions, blog, parties, awards. Heck, even his age. All of it were nothing but sticks in his writer wheels, and he admits it humbly. But truth is beyond it all, truth is: there are good days and bad days in a writers life of writing. And as spring turned into a summer, there were more bad days than good days, with obvious deadline blow-up being the depressing cherry on top. Admittedly his publishers were ready. Agreement was that he delivers book till the end of the year. Which, as we already know also didn’t happen.

A lot is already written, but by G.R.R.M. standards – it is still far from being good enough for publishing. To that add around three months for publishers to prep it for us, and that’s what you, what we have. No deadline is set for the book. But. A deadline for series is due, and it’ll be there on time, for a lot of obvious reasons. No one will wait up, not when Game of Thrones is the most popular show on whole damn Earth. So knowing what happened, us, readers, have one question, right? Which can also be formed whole into a single word: spoilers?

G.R.R. Martin says “yes and no” and provides a list that he advises to only be consulted if we read all the books, and seen all the episodes that are currently available. Thing is, series and books are no longer one body, and will continue to diverge further. Stannis may be dead for you, but he’s very much alive for me. And Jon Snow might live for you, but very well might just be frozen, dead, and rising as a white-walker for me. We won’t know until we have both the series and the books set in front of us. A spoiler in the episode might turn out to be nonexistent piece of information in the books.

And so, knowing that, I must admit, I feel better about the idea. I don’t feel like watching the show before the book, so I simply will ditch it for the time being. I’m not a fan of series, so I have no troubles doing so. And if anyone feels like spoiling something for me: well, jokes might be on you, and only time will tell. Patience is our friend now. We waited this long, we can wait a little more. With hope that it is “a little” (and no judgement if it isn’t just a “little”).

Here’s the famous (or infamous) blog post for reference: [Last Year (Winds of Winter)]

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