L.J. Smith – Vampire Diaries: The Struggle [2]

395851 Alright. If you remember, I had a tough time with the previous book in the series. But since I figured it is mostly because they reached me at the wrong time, I’ve decided to just go with it. And so finished the second book of Vampire Diaries, “The Struggle” by L.J. Smith (ISBN 006102001X; 313p.; Goodreads). I guess I really miss the boom of the vampire novels…

It’s hard to speak of the book where so little happened in such a long period of time. Have any of you watched those fight-driven animes, say, DBZ? Where 3 minute battle takes 3 episodes to conclude? So, Elena’s diary got stolen. She didn’t think too much about it, while definitely enough to never think about any of her studies. But then little bits from that diary come up the surface. A little piece of purple paper in her purse, with mere few lines. Another same piece on the school board, and so on. Who could steep so low?

When she finally does find out who has the diary, whole “let’s steal it back” is exactly what I meant by “nothing’s happening for forever“. ’till the very end of the book we see either very meager attempts to reclaim the diary, or pety waiting for the diary to be some place unguarded. There’s of course whole plot twists revolving around it, which worked out fine, so props to the author for that. But all in all, I was unable to get hooked onto this. BUT…

But. I didn’t struggle (see what I did there?), the book is well written, an easy read in every sense. A good reader will start in the morning and by the evening will mark it as finished cover to cover. And since I never liked age-old vampires, who show off their first-hand knowledge of the Dark Ages going to school and falling for teenage girls (don’t their minds evolve? are they forever doomed to be attrackted to the young adult generations?), I really would feel biased if I rated it on my personal taste alone. So I give the book 3 out of 5, for someone out there will surely love it (imo if you read – read, your taste in books is your own, and no one may tell you you like shit/pop/other. You’re READING, and that’s what matters, so props for you!), even if I didn’t. To add to that, I will go on and finish the physical copies that I have, thus two more books in the series. For, and I repeat myself, I may not be hooked, but I’m not being tortured either.

P.S. – my copies [here]

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