A.C.H. Smith – Labyrinth

Britian Wow. Well, that was a something indeed. I’ve seen the movie “Labyrinth” before, but since the magnificent Star-man, David Bowie, has left us, I decided it was time to dig out the A.C.H. Smith book of same title – “Labyrinth” (ISBN 086369151X; 183p.; Goodreads), which I have for quite a while, and got free from Healthy Planet, as part of the book recycling project. Written stories have always left me with greater impressions, even if the story, as in this case, is written based upon the movie, not vice-versa.

The story is, of course, the same. Sarah, annoyed by her life, loses the last of her patience with her half brother Toby when he won’t stop crying one night. She thus wishes for goblins to take him away, right now. Doing so she invokes some sort of magical binding, for Goblins, somewhere beyond the membrane of fantasy and reality, do wake, and do come for the baby.

The Goblin King is quite happy about this too. He wanted fresh blood for quite a while. After all, he’s not a young man anymore, and all the jokes got old. This kid might be just what he needs. The only problem is Sarah, for she realizes her mistake very quickly and asks him to give her her brother back. To which he reluctantly agrees by giving her the task of getting across the labyrinth. And thus, the adventure begins, for Labyrinth is full of magical creatures, spells, curses, traps…

Goblin King is fantastic. I dare say if Lestat was an evil Disney prince, he’d be Goblin King, no doubt. Sarah’s adventures are perfectly paced, and while I’m sure not everyone will like it: I did, and that’s all that matters. I give the book 5 out of 5 and will absolutely watch the movie again, with new eyes, so to say. The year, book-wise, has started great indeed!

Rest in Peace, mr Bowie. You changed the world forever and I thank You for it.

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5 thoughts on “A.C.H. Smith – Labyrinth

  1. I’ve never seen the movie nor the read the book. But you got me interested now 🙂

  2. alayaseverus

    I’ve only seen the movie, but I bet the book is just as fun. Goblin king just steals the show, man 😀
    Is this author good? What kind of stories does he usually write? Would you recommend another of his books?

    P.S.: Mr. Bowie went home, I wish him fair cosmic winds! Universe is having one hell of a concert right now.

    • Admittedly I didn’t read anything else by the author, but I went ahead to check him out, and wow. While I never encountered those works in depth, per se, the titles are all known from general/common knowledge. And if I can judge by this book, author has a great writing style. It’s very smooth and all goes on together well, no weird cuts, no gaps where reader would be left with “what the hell just happened”. A good read in technical side of it, so to say! 😀 So yes, the author is good, and his stories, from what I see, are all similarly of this fantasy style. I intend to read his Dark Crystal and then we’ll see of recommendations!

      P.S. And Alan Rickman has the front seat tickets to it ❤ may they have a blast, for all they did for us.

  3. Like the idea of a book based on a movie, probably would try to find the tiniest differences *lol*

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