Derek Landy – Skulduggery Pleasant: The Faceless Ones [3]

skuldugery This is the last physical copy that I own of Skulduggery Pleasant books by Derek Landy. Unless I find the gall to bother some publishers into giving me a copy – I’ll have to continue with the e-books, for after “The Faceless Ones” (ISBN 0007302142; 395p.; Goodreads) – I will have to continue and soon. Really, I just have to!

The last book, as I hope you all know, has ended with a hint of disaster. Well, the worst has indeed happened or is about to happen!

Fanatics who once worshiped the cruel and sadistic gods – Faceless Ones, have found a way to show them the way back to Earth. And even worse than that, they have found means to open the gate for them! All it takes is a piece of a faceless one, and since their bodies were indestructible – it’s not that hard to obtain a piece knowing where to look. And then it takes someone able to travel by brushing against that other place, like a teleporter. But if they need a teleporter – who and why is killing all of them, one by one?

While I can no longer tell if the speech is as grand as it was, which I blame upon the lack of dialogues with Skulduggery, the story is just as great. I wanted to read a chapter, ended up finishing the book up and have no regrets. 5 out of 5, nothing to take away. Next!

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