Negative to Positive


My father is a diabetic. My mother has cancer. Sister just had her first little baby girl, the sweetest child on Earth. I’ve got manic depression with extreme suicidal tendencies. And, as many other people, we’ve debts.

Things is, with all the medications parents require, and all the income add together, we still can’t afford to pay all of ours bills. I’m almost full 300 euros short every month and it adds up very quickly…

If I could just pay off the main two (full sum for two), I know we could make it. Mother could have a surgery, and we wouldn’t be in the risk ending up on street, or parents ending up in court.

I myself am an artist and a translator, I do odd works too, anything that gets me by is good enough.

If anyone could help, I would appreciate it more than I can say. I’d be happy if you sent me a note and tell me if you’d maybe like a thank-you postcard, since I draw those myself, and with donations I can afford a stamp.

[No More Debts]

Thank You very much in advance. This literally means survival to me.

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