[Games] Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked


I must say, I was never a fan of Robinson Crusoe, but I did enjoy Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag and the blue waters washing over gold sands. And I do love Don’t Starve, especially since the new multiplayer/co-op was presented to it (back in the day I received a beta-testing copy, woopee for me), so when chance came to get this DLC or Expansion pack, whatever it is, I went for it. And I was not disappointed. So here it is. Shipwrecked.

The game is “early access” since a lot of things are still being done and made. It’s not yet available for the Don’t Starve Together either, but that’s just a chance for you to get around and learn things, to avoid making a fool of yourself when playing with friends (admit it, some are unforgiving).

So, first thing you notice there is rubble around you. You, literally, shipwrecked. There’s boat pieces and junk, on a beach, with little heaps of sand for digging, pretty shells buried  in it, palm trees and some other kinds, bamboo, tangly somethings, snakes, crabs, dogfishes, seaweeds, waves AND tides, so don’t do the mistake I have made by putting my bonfire on the very edge of the shore. There goes the mood!


I got around a bit, made myself an axe, landed a tree or four, and then I noticed it. A machete. Took me no time (well, a bit of time) to realize this is not a sword for fighting (while as effective as an axe, if not better), but rather a tool to get bamboo and those tangly somethings. The two main pieces for a decent raft, which will be your main way of getting around and even collecting things.


First the fear had the better of me. I picked some weeds, murdered a jellyfish or five and ate them raw, found another poor soul wrecked, picked up the floating spear gun, killed a dogfish, which I will never willingly do again, it was so sad! Well, I might do it again if I need it for something other than food, but food has alternatives, like coconuts, seaweed, barnacles, sweet potatoes, and probably other things I have not found yet. Then I saw the waves… They move and look all menacing, coming at ya (actually just going in their own pattern). Images of another wreckage and end of the game filled my head. But then I did hit one and… Well, I got wet, I’ll tell you that. But that was about that. Boat wears itself up eitherway, so I’m not sure how much damage did it cause, but it definitely is survivable. And even more so, one can navigate through them easily, which I later did.


I swam across it to find trees and things growing in the shallow water. You can chop some wood directly off your carriage. Then I found a coral reef, which looked pretty, but I couldn’t figure out how to get some coral, probably needed pickaxe, which at the moment I didn’t have. And finally I landed on an island black… Magma covered place, with a thick forest deeper in. Here I decided to settle, since my need for a shovel grew and grew. Found some pigs, a bit hairy, a bit dirty. Found a dead man with two bottles. One had a note in it, and what do you think? Treasure map. I admit, I didn’t yet get around of digging it out, but I intend to. Going further, I came into some snakes and then a monkey just WHOOSHED past me and started killing it! And then more monkeys came and started killing more snakes! Then they followed me home and stole everything dropped on the floor… Otherwise they’re friendly. But finding food around them is tough.


So all in all, some things are the same, so don’t worry. There’s still altars to revive yourself, there’s still a need to find a good spot for a permanent camp. Simply instead of invading swamps and going from one type of forest to a different type of forest, you get to explore islands and ocean. So far I give it 4/5, just cuz I really want to play it with my friend instead of going about alone. Also if there’s a spellunker thing in this too – might be even harder to find one.

This post will be updated. Original date is 2015-12-05 [yy-mm-dd]

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