Jill Murphy – The Worst Witch [1]

1370244  I found this book while digging in English second-hand book stores, children section, hunting down Harry Potter books. As I picked it up, I remembered that when I was little, I used to watch a tv show by same title. Thus I picked up “The Worst Witch” by Jill Murphy (ISBN 0140311084; 112p.; Goodreads), and since The Outlander is going so slow, I figured I’ll read it real quick. That was a good decision.

Mildred is surrounded by friends and a cloud of unluck. She lives in this boarding-school-like place for Witches, much like Harry Potter, or Laura. And as we learned from Harry Potter – some mistakes are hilarious. She accidentally turns her class mate into a pink pig, then makes a wrong potion, and gets a wrong kitten out of a whole lot of the right ones. And while we can laugh at these things, not all of her misfortunes are funny. Especially not those which bring shame to whole school. The cloud of unluck suddenly starts smelling of expelling.

If I had to describe this book, I’d say it’s Harry Potter for Elementary School kids, and I mean it in the best way possible. Kids who just learned to read will appreciate the simple sweet story, large letters, and plenty of illustrations. It’s a very light read for us, and the child in me demands at least 4 out of 5, so I’ll give it that. And, if found, I’ll pick up other books too.

There’s also a movie, with different actors than those in the series, but quite good too. It follows this story exactly, and since it’s still Halloween for most of us – there ya have it:


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