[Game] The Wolf Among Us


I’m the kind of a person who can listen to any type of music, watch any type of a movie, read any type of a book, and thus play any type of a game too. I believe that gems can be found in every genre, and thus don’t stick to one particular, unless in the mood in that current moment. But here I am tonight, telling you how this is the first telltale game I have ever played. And yes, I do dare presuming it’s a genre of its own, since unlike other point-and-click’s that I have indeed played, this was… This was better than even Syberia. There’s just something very different about it! Oh, and I probably do indeed know what.

The game I’m talking about is called “The Wolf Among Us”. I saw it many times in screenshots my gamer friends shared (one of the most known being Gamers Intuition), yet looking at the odd artwork I wasn’t much interested. How often does that happen to gamers? Or comic book / graphic novel readers? I secretly believe that it is way too common. And that we’re making huge mistakes by doing so. Like I nearly did.

Fables 2015-10-30 22-58-44-38

The game starts with these wicked warm and neon colors, beautiful background, and artwork that reminded me of those proper street-gang-mafia movies from the 90s, with flashy night life, smoke clouds, and a complex bad-guy hero. And I wasn’t much wrong in this. It’s just that the bad guy is actually THE Big Bad Wolf from the fairy tales. They call him Bigby, which, by the sound of it, suits him well. And the company he keeps, including the company that tolerates him, even if barely, are people from fables too. Heck, they’re even called that – Fables. We’re Mundies. He lives there, in the smallest apartment in this nice house, with his roommate, who just happens to be the last of the three pigs from THAT tale. The only one Big B didn’t eat.

Fables 2015-10-30 23-33-52-12

And this is where I understood how this game works. You speak and it matters. Not as much as you may think at first, but quite a bit to want to reload sometimes, which I did. My roommate guilt-trips me for a drink and I chose to give him one, and the game tells me: he will remember that.

You walk around, slow and nice, using your regular walking keys, and move the camera about with the mouse. At this point you only see this 2D drawn comic panel at a time, but if you ever read a comic – you will love it far more for the depth in the art, than you would the sometimes lifeless 3D blurs and blooms, believe me. As you move your mouse around, you notice dots here and there, don’t worry, they’re easy to spot. You hover over them and there you have some choices. Sometimes you can scroll through your inventory, pick an item and have another option appear. I know I missed MANY of those, but that didn’t stop me from calling in a lie rightly, or connecting the evidence ends together.

Fables 2015-10-30 23-08-00-09

Mostly you listen and you talk. I learned early in the game that you probably want to cheat and pause the game by pressing space just to read your answer options. Otherwise game chooses for you. And I intend to stream all five chapters (if legal to stream) and try to choose all silent answers someday soon.

But hey, don’t worry, the game couldn’t be further away from being boring. So you seek clues and stuff, sometimes you make decisions on how you’ll do things too, and then, sometimes they result in need of quick action. There are times when you’ll be hurled into action no matter what, so BE QUICK. Dodge a hit! Run after! Choose WHO will you run after!

Fables 2015-11-09 23-20-41-06

The game is a wonderful story. So much, in fact, that I am very much considering getting the comic books, since the story is either continued in those, or otherwise has more in them. I loved all the fables, for having all those interesting traits, and how they handle the modern world, even if they’re failing miserably. I tried my best to be a good guy where it took it, and then tore into flesh without hesitation when I felt more like it. I regret nothing but one thing: the game having mere 5 chapters. I could play it for a week, I could.

Fables 2015-11-09 23-28-09-17

Have a 5 out of 5, deserved. I played the game on PC, but I know it runs on tablet-type devices too, so I presume no one will really have much problems with it. On top of it, some time in chapter 3 I watched movie “Drive” with Ryan Gosling, must say it set the mood right.

Mind you, the game is not for kids. But you be the judge, play it, see it, you won’t regret it: [GOG]; [Steam]; [HumbleBundle]; [Wiki] – oh and please, if you’re not bought, listen to the music at the very bottom of this.

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