Matt Haig – The Radleys

7989160  Right in time for Halloween I have finished a book on vampires. And not some sappy teenage triangle love drama either! No, Matt Haig was very kind to give us “The Radleys” (ISBN 978-1-84767-861-4; 343p. Goodreads) and the sheer simplicity that this book is. It’s a story of a family, middle-aged, middle-class. With their own secret dreams, desires, lack of fulfillment. It’s just that they happen to be vampires too.

Radleys is an old vampire name, thus making me believe that Peter might be the first abstainer in it whole. It’s all for his wife, woman he loves very much, and yet doubts near daily whether she loves him back. She should, by all means, for converted vampire always has strong feelings towards their master. In the mean time, his wife is trying to make sure their kids know nothing of vampire world. In her little human-play, everything can be explained. Insomnia – medical condition. Migraine – well… same. Rash? More sun-block. Hungry? Eat meat! Yet if their pretend-life is dull and crumbling, it’s still far better than what happens next, when a silly teenage boy corners their weak and famished daughter. On top of it, here comes Peter’s practicing vampire of a brother, Will, to the rescue, with all his blood bottles and wicked dreams of the past.

As I said before, I love this book for simplicity. Things just happen. All as a matter-of-fact and no more. And yet it’s so beautifully vampiric that I must give it 5 out of 5!

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3 thoughts on “Matt Haig – The Radleys

  1. I wish I had time to read all the amazing books people recommend *lol* decisions, decisions…

    • this one’s more of a free-time read, so don’t worry about it too much. A very simple book, very good one in a sense too, but per se if say you’re into horror or suspense – this book can definitely wait 🙂

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