Robert Louis Stevenson – the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

StrangeCaseof I have this wonderful, old, crumbling, and slightly moldy copy by “Nelson“, which is probably a hundred years old. It contains another story in it, but I won’t even mention that one. We have this book translated too, so while I’ve read it in English, I do intend to drop an eye to a Lithuanian copy if I am to find it in the library. For “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” by   (ISBN 0486266885; 54p.; Goodreads) is worth the double read. Heck, it’s so short, that even if it wasn’t worth it – nothing would be lost.

The city is being terrorized by a gruesome, monstrous man known as Mr. Hyde. He looks unsettling, he’s insolent, he ran over a child, and even murdered a man. He might have done far more for all we know. It’s no surprise though, not when you look at him. What is far more surprising is his friendship with the respectful and kind man, Dr. Jekyll. Even worse than that, it seems that Mr. Hyde has the keys to his house. And out there, there’s one lawyer who knows even more: Dr. Jekyll has a secret will in which he states that in case of disappearance or death – all his worldly possessions are to be passed on to Mr. Hyde. Who is this Hyde? And what is his connection to Dr. Jekyll?

This story inspired Hulk, thus I do believe you have a hunch on what it’s all about. And it saddens me to think that such a fantastic being as Dr. Jekyll got so little fresh media. After all, we have the evil Dracula, the good-made-evil Frankenstein, the good-wishing-evil Dorian Grey, made and re-made, and yet we do not have Dr. Jekyll, not in the sense that we could call “new” at least. He’s a normal, regular man, who wanted to be better. He enjoyed some bad things and was tormented by that. It was a struggle to keep up his appearance as good, kind, and well mannered man for him, thus he turned to science, to medicine. And that is why I’ll give this book a firm 5 out of 5. Bloody brilliant is what this classic gothic horror story is.

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