Konstantinos – Vampires: The Occult Truth

vampirestheocculttruthRight. So. I have never before heard of this author, but I do enjoy myths, legends, and the occult stories. I also collect all the books with Dracula that I can get, preferably historical ones (if anyone wants to make me a gift – have that in mind, I love having different copies of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” too, so far I have four, only two of them being in English – you have a great sea of choices before you), with Vlad Draculea. And since he’s a common guest in vampire media, fictional or meant for/as research, it was only natural for me to take this “Vampires: The Occult Truth” by Konstantinos (ISBN: 1567183808; 208p., Goodreads) book with me and add it to my collection. I am absolutely not sure as of why I feel the need to tell you of how I obtained or why have I picked this particular book to read every time, but here it is.

The book is split into many parts, including those slightly annoying little introductions “in this part we’ll speak of this” there and here. Yet it wasn’t dragged, every word seemed weighted and counted to fit this amount of pages and no more. Author speaks in a pleasant manner too, a manner that allows a skeptic to remain a skeptic or reconsider, while a believer can continue believing or reconsider too, nothing is pushed, everything is questioned. We get explanations of what vampires there could be, are they mortal or immortal, are they physical or spiritual, do they drink blood or drain energy. Then there’s the names of vampires in different cultures, pointing out how so many different parts of the world believed in these beings (and how some of our religions took some of the people from meager roles and made them great). Further on was my most awaited part: The Historical Figures. Yes, among them was Vlad Dracula, and I can gladly say, facts were not mixed with anecdotes (in my extent of knowledge at least). And if I can give a plus for that, I can take it away for searching vampires in graveyards, figuratively speaking. Author wanted to find those who believe themselves vampires, the so called mortal blood drinkers. And to do so he wrote to a magazine that has “fang” in it’s title. Yes, an alternative magazine for alternative people. I mean, a vampire has all the world, all of our night life to explore. Why would one sit reading such a magazine? But then again, somewhat quoting the author: while I can’t believe a single (some where amazing stories, by the way) story he printed from those people, I have no proof of them being false either. Besides, author did make some good points as of why he chose to print those letters and not the others. Trust me, he makes a firm case, this man.

I’m not going to talk about the second half of the book, dedicated to energy vampires, merely because I’m very uninterested in the topic. But those who are: information provided is very useful, so go ahead. And in conclusion I’ll give this book a solid 4 out of 5. Merely because I still don’t think it’s a good idea to search for vampires among those who are into vampires.

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3 thoughts on “Konstantinos – Vampires: The Occult Truth

  1. ok. you finally got me at the energy vampire thing. so those really are a thing? i would love to know if they are the same as the ones i keep referring to as energy vampires O__O

    • yeah, apparently those are indeed a real thing. They feed on people’s energy, sometimes knowingly, sometimes not, tapping into them, sometimes even projecting to them into dream. It can be as powerful as sleep-paralyses induction, or as weak as “I got so tired doing nothing with that friend”. It vitalizes those people as good as blood does vampires. Apparently those who know they’re these vampires post death can be EXTREME danger, to the point where they’re no longer mere spirits feeding on you, but entities that can truly, physically kill you.

      • So then it is exactly what Ive Been Referring to :-O thank you, guess i have another Research Topic then xD

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