[Game] Terraria [1.3]


The June 30th update on Terraria

First things first. I’m no expert at all. I’m an amateur normal-gamer. BUT. I have 211 hours on Terraria on record on Steam. I, with my friends, have killed probably 95% of all the bosses. Definitely found all the NPC’s, built them homes and defended them from invasions. Neither pirates nor goblins could stand against us. And so while we were playing calmly yesterday, my friend noticed there’s an update news… An update that was half a hour away. And today I can tell you – after Minecraft’s patch “the patch that changed the world” – this is the best thing in these types of games. And let me tell you why…

  1. Auto-Stack. – Yeah, I mean, Quick Stacking is not that hard. But not that fun either. You go from chest to chest, click the button and may your gods have mercy on you if you click Deposit All instead. Fret no longer. You open your inventory and there it is, at the bottom right corner of your, YOUR inventory. No need to open the chest anymore, just auto-stack everything by running PAST the chests. That’s it. That’s just it.
  2. Restock. – So you came back after a gruesome battle with 2 Health Potions left, barely any Mana Potions and so on. You open your chest, that you probably named “Restoration Potions” or something alike and there it is. From 5 to 15 types of potions. Now find the one you want, go on. OR DON’T! Click “Restock” at the corner of the chest (around the area where Quick Stack and Deposit All is) and you’re good to go and fight another flying pair of eyeballs!
  3. Craft directly from the chest. – Oh yes. This is the most important thing. Imagine you want to craft yourself a bunch of things, a whole damn bunch. So you took this and that. You come to the anvil or crafting table, or anything else really and… You forgot to pick up some seeds, or spores, or iron! And surely you had some chain pre-made, why would you waste your good metals? Well, don’t! What we did and what you can do too – we placed all our tables on the floor and propped a bunch of shelves above. Filled them in with chests for materials for crafting and there you have it. Why? Well because now you can craft directly from the chest. You open the chest, stand by the table you require and there, you can craft it!
  4. Put all dem things on the Cloud. – Steam Cloud is a great, great thing. But Terraria wasn’t very friendly with it. A friend of mine played Terraria from her PC and from her Laptop, making her do all sorts of chores for it: transfer character via email / usb drive, make a second character and deposit all every time you log out, just because you don’t know where will you log back in from again. Well, fret no longer. All your maps and characters can now be uploaded to the cloud! You can play from wherever the heck you want!
  5. Teleport to your friend. – How many times you died while digging with your friend, or raiding that damn dungeon? And they had to wait forever till you found your way back, which isn’t always easy, and in hardmode jungle caves – often barely possible. NEWS! A teleportation potion. What you do is you choose a team color, you and your friends, yes, you all can be one team. Then you open the big map, usually key-mapped as letter “M”, and click on their head. Done. You’re reunited and whatever killed you is now regretting it!
  6. New biomes, improved biomes. – that’s just that. New mini biomes, like granite and marble (so far the only ones I found underground), and whole new desert cave systems, they’re more unique, more like snow biome, not just underground biome with sand it in. Plenty of new monster down there too, mind ya…


So these here are my favorites. But there are many more, such as +800 new items, new events, new NPC’s, new ways the things work (for instance, information equippables can now stay in inventory and work from there, like depth measurer, compass), new places to place things (an extra little inventory for your grappling hook, pet, light source, etc.), new bosses even, and so on. I will provide a link below to where you can see all the updates. And yes, there are some bugs: money don’t stack in a chest (we share money among us), some items annoyingly stack up elsewhere, etc. But I’m sure a hotfix will soon patch things up.

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