George Sand – The Devil’s Pool

LaMareAuDiable  You’ll have to forgive me, but the book “The Devil’s Pool” by George Sand (La Mare Au Diable; Goodreads) was so boring that I couldn’t get through it any faster than this. There were days when I couldn’t even open it, my mind just refused to submit. It’s well written, well translated and so on, merely no where near my cup of tea.

I’ve read a translation to Lithuanian, so I’m not quite sure what are the names in English. Germaine seems to be our main protagonist, a fairly rich widower who loved his wife and loves his children. His parents in law, yet, push him to go to this other village and marry his father’s-in-law friend’s daughter, who is also rich and a widow, and since they were so kind to him – he agrees to do his best. Before leaving tho this old poor woman asks whether he could take her 16 year old daughter with him (he’s 28 and considered old), since she found a shepherds work in a village nearby the one he’s going to. On their way they find his son in the woods, hysterically begging to come with his father and there you have it, the perfect trio. Marie turns out to be the perfect little girl and Germaine soon falls head over heels for her. Yet she claims he’s too old for her and she doesn’t love him. Besides, he has made a promise to his parents-in-law and should honor it. Who knows, the widow might be even better woman than Marie.

The book ends with the longest description of the wedding ceremony. I powered through it and must say – I cannot give it any more than 2 out of 5. And I dearly hope the next book at last gives me something better, for I just can’t anymore. Mind you, the book is not bad by itself. Just not for me.

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