Allison Van Diepen – The Vampire Stalker

TheVampireStalker  After all the long and heavy reads I wanted something easy and simple. Thus, while putting my old books for sale (it’s a Lithuanian site, but here’s a link anyways, there’s a few English books and I guess you can write me to my email if you really wish to have something: , mind you, post expenses are on you), my eye was caught by this one. Allison van Diepen book “The Vampire Stalker” (“Scholastic” 2011; ISBN 978-1407-12989-1; 250p., Goodreads) seemed perfect. Slim, well written, with a promising summary of a girl who falls in love with a book character. I always loved books of books that change peoples lives.

Amy and her two best friends are huge fans of a vampire book trilogy. In fact, the book and their story starts with them standing in line, waiting to get their hands upon the second book, freshly printed. Unlike her friends, Amy is more into brooding Alexander, than the hearty James. But that matters not, either way all three girls eat the book up via weekend. The only difference, true difference is that Amy’s story with the book doesn’t end there.

One night, after the dances, she’s walking home alone through dark park. I know, oh so original… But hear me out, this book is worth it. Amy gets attacked by a superhuman being there and then saved by a striking guy that looks awfully much like her dream boy – Alexander. Heck, he even introduced himself right – Alexander Banks. A nasty cosplayer joke?

What I liked the most about this book, was that author did her research. I know far too many authors and their works, written BEFORE research, and I always found that truly annoying. But Allison Van Diepen is not one of those, no. She made sense. She even included String Theory to explain what’s going on, rather than make it all up via means of magic and “it was meant to be” things. Therefor I’ll grant this book a very firm 3 out of 5. I also do intend to look into the author a little more, who knows what other wonders she has in store. And below I leave you with a video on what’s that string theory.

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