George R.R. Martin – A Feast for Crows

afeastforcrowsAnd thus goes the fourth book of Song of Fire and Ice by George R.R. Martin. Since this one was called “A Feast for Crows” (“Bantam Books” 2005; ISBN 978-0-553-58202-4; 978p.) and we know how quick is Martin to rid himself of characters to speak for, I expected far more deaths. There were plenty, don’t get me wrong, but not as important as I thought. Instead I took delight in what author gave as substitute. A long awaited JUSTICE.

I am told that removing the head from the body is often mortal.” – 344p.

This book was dedicated to a meager half of the characters and author made a good point of it. Since the book was getting too long, he had a choice: to tell half a story of all characters, or to tell whole story of half the characters. He chose the latter and I wonder how will I value this choice when reading the next book. As of how I value it now: I love it.

The Lannister twins are growing less and less alike. Yet both of them had a fantastic final word, so mighty that it might just change a lot in the next-next book (if the just-next is on the other characters exclusively). Brienne, the Maiden of the Sapphire Isle is out there, searching for Sansa Stark, with a fine blade given to her by Jamie, a blade they named Oathkeeper. Instead of Sansa, she finds a whole different Wolf. A Direwolf that Drowned. As for Sansa and her little sister Arya – those two girls are no longer. Instead they live in cocoons of their alter ego’s, with hopes to rise someday again as Starks. As for the Dragons… They’re growing. And getting hungrier… (do read the chapter by the back side of the cover, it’s so very worth it)

Since George R.R. Martin is so very skilled at dumping his readers on a cliffhanger to torment themselves until the next book, I can do no less but to try and please our lord of House Martin by giving the book a 5 out of 5. If memory serves, the final 6 chapters did the trick and turned the 4 I held in my hand all the while into a 5.

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