Jeanne DuPrau – The City of Ember: The First Book of Ember

CityofEmber  If Tunnels and Metro 2033 had a young child, then Jeanne DuPrauThe City of Ember” would be that child. An underground story with hardly any to no idea of a different life on the surface.
In the darkness a city of ember stands, with the Generator, built by god-like Builders to keep the darkness at bay. But generator keeps on failing, lights flicker and go completely dark now and again. People whisper that this will happen more and more often until one day – light won’t come back at all. And what then? Anything can be in the darkness. Trash-bin sized rats, sharp objects, abyss-like holes, and fear. Lots of fear.
Somewhere in the depths of this city there’s grandmother of our protagonist, turning her home upside down, is trying to find something that was lost many years ago. It’s vital to find it. Sadly she can’t remember what it was. But when her granddaughter lays eyes on it, she knows it’s related to the bright city she keeps seeing in her dreams.
The book is very light and definitely meant for young audience. Therefor I don’t yet know if I will read the next book of Ember. But since I can’t complain, I will present it with 5 out of 5, since it deserved it. Well written, easy, simple and quite beautiful.

    Now, the movie, I dare say, improved the idea a little, so it’s definitely worth seeing it too.

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One thought on “Jeanne DuPrau – The City of Ember: The First Book of Ember

  1. The movie really reminds me of smthing just cannot place my finger right now on of what exactly 😀 But I luw the cast!

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