[Game] Bastion


Caeldonia stands in ruins as Calamity is bringing it to a complete end. The only relatively safe place now is the Bastion. A little island free of the spreading disease that seems to be creating destruction as well as merely making the world different, too hard to live upon for your mere people. But that’s why we have the Kid and his trustworthy fists, a sword or two and maybe an ally behind him. Kid doesn’t give up. He falls, he fails. Then he gets back up and goes on again, fighting wild creatures in Calamity overtaken regions of what was previously his home. And best of all: he’s not alone.
Word “Calamity” truly fits what is happening out there. Cities and towns, once beautiful and great are now in ruins, overtaken by shrubs, poisonous plants, giant things, wild things. Worst of all, lots of things break. And you are encouraged to break things, everyone understands you need to went, you need to put your anger and sadness out as you go on forth to get the crystals and their shards – the only things with enough power to keep the Bastion safe, floating. And maybe, just maybe, bring back the order of the previous world into this chaos. On your journey, of course, you meet friends. But are all of those who survived, those very few, your friends?
The story of Kid is being told by an old man. He tells you of things you find. He tells the player of things Kid does. How he fights, how he is in general. There’s dark humor under it and just this marvelous sensation at all times. A sensation so great that I can barely contain myself from not constantly praising this game. From the music, to the graphics, mechanics, marvelous story, amazing effects…
bastion1  Bastion is an indie game (Super Giant Games), as I understood it, believe it or not, made by same developers who have made Transistor. Isometric, 2D and slightly platformerish – beautiful and just oh so very beautiful. The game has all a good game needs – good story line with choices that make you toss and turn at night; gorgeous visuals; plot twist; fantastic music; easy to grasp mechanics; plenty of choices in what to use to reach your goals.
bastion2  So in short, 5 out of 5, just try it. It’s not childish. It’s fantasy rock’n’roll from your old old west with a katana in hand to kill a djinni of sorts, where you have to save the urban order world from primordial chaos world. OR NOT. JUST SAYING. TRY IT.

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