Philippe Besson – His Brother – Son Frere

SonFrere  Some time ago I bought myself a whole bunch of cheap books, new books. I just wanted to try that “oh shut up about how expensive books are, there’s plenty to buy and read!”, and sure, I agree. I described one called Yakuza not so long ago. But Philippe Besson book “Son Frere” (in Lithuanian it was “His Brother” and thus it’s what I wrote) was not such. A slightly messy story and an unpleasant main hero, just not my type.
His brother is dying and yet it seems it would be best if he was the one in the deathbed. His brother is a charming your man, while he seems cold and worst of all – shallow. His brother is dying of a blood disease and he keeps repeating “it would’ve been better if we didn’t know the reasons of this illness”, while in truth nothing is said and what is said – is meaningless, normal. Worst, again, his brother is dying and he only thinks of how ugly he became, how much the attempted curing aged him.
Story is written in a journal style. Jumping back and forth in time one has to collect the whole storyline, where everyone is dying, every love lasts a minute and then dies too (usually literally, by the other person dying), and the main character – barely reacting to any of it. As much as I wanted to like it, and I did want to like it, I couldn’t.
I’ll give the book 2 out of 5, sadly cannot offer it more. I will keep it, since it had something in it, something I appreciate. That little thing that wasn’t questioned whatsoever. But the rest of it was a little bit too much for me.

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