[Game] Blade Kitten

Blade_kitten  The game takes place on an artificial alien planetoid known as Hollow Wish. Kit Ballard, our protagonist, goes there on a lead of some local trouble maker with a great bounty on her head (Kit is a bounty hunter). Yet as soon as she sets a foot on that planet – disaster follows. A rival bounty hunter Justice Kreel destroys her ship and steals her breaker key that contains all the required information on capturing Terra-Li, the troublemaker. So for the first one third of the game – that’s your priority. Catch Justice, get your key back, kill the red guys.

Welcome to Hollow Wish… On the surface, it’s your typical lawless frontier. Yet this mysterious shell planetoid is filled with dark secrets and cloaked figures. It’s here Kit Ballard, aka Blade Kitten, works as one of the best bounty hunters in the business. Don’t let her pink hair fool you, Kit is part cat, part girl, and wholly lethal. She is one of the last of her species, having fled her homeland after the genocide of her people at the hands of the ancient and mystical race known as the Darques.” – Quote from Steam page

Got the key back? good, good. Because some monsters are waking up and you’re about to get eaten. While running, would you mind setting some people free? Funny how some seem to be willing to be taken away somewhere and only a few truly understand the situation and the danger those guys in red impose. And just like that you jump from a chapter to a chapter, one enemy to another and even get a plot twist or two. Or the implied plot twists that in truth were an absolute meaningless zero, actually…Kitten_blade_1_blackwood

The game is very much tongue-and-cheek from start to end, so there’s plenty of joking about, sarcasm and all that jazz. Some of it is even good. Yet in my opinion this strange little story that was sadly only partially interesting and only partially unique. And the worst part was the Mass-Effect effect. Two chapters in the greatest plot twists happens and your character moves on with a newly found ally, it seems. And that’s it. You get a prompting screen to go buy the next chapter for 4.99. And while everyone seems to still be spilling backlash on Mass Effect for selling off important fragments of the game as dlc’s – no one seems to mind buying the second chapter of an indie game. I understand the need to support an independent artist, especially with a decent game, no matter what I said before, but after the story was broken off like that – I feel a little… Disappointed. It wasn’t good enough for me to want the next chapter, that’s one, and now that I didn’t get the ending – I’m sorry, but unless there’s Steam Summer Sale – I probably won’t bother. It were good few hours of running, fighting, climbing on walls, collecting hex, luring monsters into destroying walls for me and fighting beasts in places where I shouldn’t have went, places where the only exit literally was dying, re-spawning and turning the other way. But that’s about it. A little loose story and mere running that you can do while half-asleep, since it takes a while for anyone to start talking again and no thinking is required to reach things or unlock doors.

Don’t get me wrong, I did like the game. I liked the mechanics, the fairly wide 2.5D world, beautiful anime style, a not-irritating soundtrack and all that. But it was streched a little more than just a little. In the end the mobs were just spawning non-stop to seemingly slow you down and my not-real-game-ocd nearly strangled me when I couldn’t bear any more to run forth and then back just to collect all the hex, since some were on the floor and some were on the ceiling. But that’s that, that’s all I can praise of this game. See how I told little to nothing of the story? It’s exactly that. Go there, do that. What for? Forget about it, go there, do that instead. Story is a bit messy, some parts seem pointless, others don’t connect together, end abruptly and completely and you are left with only a hope and a new monster to fight.

I can spare the game 2 out of 5, and 3 out of 5 for game mechanics. Pardon me, but I don’t intend on getting the next chapter. I might read the comic thou, since that one might have a more smooth story than this. And now, for the finals, have all the appropriate links if you still care to know more of this game. And sure, if you got nothing better to do, go on and wait for some sale and buy it. You’ll be done in a couple of hours and then you can come back and tell me what you thought of it yourself. Links under the trailer.

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