Oliver Bowden – Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

brotherhood  I find it somehow difficult to review these particular books. I’m unsure whether it’s Olvier Bowden‘s writing style or these stories per se, but so far the easiest one to sum up was Connor/Haytham Kenway story. But we’ll attempt with this one anyway.
A great battle rages out in mids of Ezio and the remnants of his family rest and relaxation, once again taking the Apple away from him. He saw what it can do in the wrong hands, back in Florence, thus no matter all that happened that day, he must retrieve it for the very sake of humanity. And all signs lead to Borgia family in Rome.
Rome, once a great city now stands as a city of dark cults in darker ruins. Oppressed people don’t even oppose the Borgia bullying anymore, there seems to be no hope for it anyway. But Enter Assassins! Ezio puts out a hand and a word: Borgia are not almighty, we can fight them if we stand united. And people seem to be regaining their hopes of beautiful, bright Rome once again.
Yet this little victory is darkened yet again. There’s a spy among the Assassins. Someone important enough to know of the operations being conducted, or at least enough to sabotage them by selling the information off to Borgia. And then there’s the young lion Il Principe, Cesare Borgia. With signs of New Disease on his face he’s just as fierce if not fiercer. He seems to wish to not only take over the Italy, united under his banner, but also claim the Grand Master post of the Templars, which now belongs to the Pope, who happens to be his father. He claims, and people under him start to believe him, that no chains can hold him, and no man can kill him. Can that be true? Can the Apple give such power? Or is Cesare merely mad with the New Disease rotting off his brain?
As I said before, this book is best for those who want to remember the story or it in, whether because they didn’t want to play the games, or replay them. Yet to this book I can only give 3 out of 5, for it sort of seemed a little stretched. But, the story telling is much, much smoother now!

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