Otfried Preußler – The Little Witch

diekleinehexe  Otfried Preussler‘s book “The Little Witch” is one of the first I remember reading by myself. I was taught the letters at age 3 and been reading ever since. Yet, since I had that book when I was so tiny and little, I don’t have the original anymore, but often enough I thought of it, remembering that lovely art inside the pages. So you can imagine my joy when I saw it re-printed in stores! It is also the same author who wrote Krabat, which I also intend to read.
Our little Witch is over a hundred years old, but for a witch it’s a child’s age. Thus it comes with no surprise that she wishes to go onto Block mountain (pardon me if I’m naming wrong things, I didn’t read this in English) on the night of Walpurgis, to dance. Problem is, only adult witches are allowed. She thought maybe no one will notice her among so many witches, but then she bumped into her aunt and all hell broke loose. They took away her broom, snapped it apart and dragged her to the Mother of Witches. Little Witch was terrified, but it turned out the Mother wasn’t as bad and was prepared to give her a chance. If, by this time next year, she becomes a good, a truly good witch – she’ll be forgiven and will be allowed to come and dance with adult witches. Yet what is a good witch in a witch’s point of view is a matter of interpretation.
The tiny but mighty plot twist, the beautiful illustrations, the simple but lovely story was truly worth remembering and re-owning. I will give it 5 out of 5 without a doubt. You can’t bargain with child’s love.

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