Lynne Truss – Eats, shoots & leaves

eatsshootsandleaves Today, yes, today I had my Toefl exam. To those speaking German – no, I didn’t apply for devil’s position in hell, but I intend to, yes. To non-native English speakers – this is exactly that exam. That. Test of English as a Foreign Language. It went well, thank you. I’ve been studying for a month. It seems little? Well, I was a split hair away from acing my A Levels perfect without even repeating the information a night before, so if I’m studying a whole month – I’m making an effort. And as I woke up at 7am, feeling like an Apocalypse Horseman, I understood that it’s mainly because I hate mornings and I’ll do all it takes to never have to unwillingly get up that early.
Lynne Truss‘s book “Eats, Shoots & Leaves” is one of the books that helped me prepare. The other two were more academic than this one, for this, my friends, is one damn good read. Lynne Truss might not teach you punctuation, but she will make you laugh to tears and wish you were as good at it as she is. So graceful with every little point and wiggle. There’s puns, there’s pop-culture references, funny stories from experience, Grammar Nazi moments and something I loved especially – history of punctuation. Now, I know, I know, it sounds boring. But bear with me and her. If you know at least the basics of what punctuation is all about, this book will help you settle your knowledge, as author tells you of that evil little Oxford comma, or how men fought over punctuation just the way grandpas now fight over dvd disks that try to replace their good old vhs’s. It’s amazing to see how authors viewed different points of punctuation, how they applied this or that little dot or comma and made it great part of their whole writing style. And how others struggled to explain when to mark your text with which combination of dots and wiggles. And the poor little forgotten tilde!~ Oh, and while I’m at the “and, and” bit, I’ll add: and the way we use punctuation marks for emoticons! Who even came up with it, author asks? Who looked at column and said, hey, that looks like a pair of eyes!
Truly, this book is brilliant and lovely little, light read, worth every short hour I spent with it, and every colorful sticky-mark I used to mark the pages with the best quotes. With a light hand I’ll give it a full 5 out of 5 and will very much apologize for making this text so poor, messy, and in great lack of proper punctuation. Even those who never use a comma in their text message should read this book.

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