George R.R. Martin – A Clash of Kings [2]

a-clash-of-kings-book-2-of-a-song-of-ice-and-fire  I have this love-hate relationship with Song of Fire and Ice. Usually at the start of the book I feel motivated. Mid-way I’m already angry and bored, because it takes 8 chapters to reach one that I like. And yet so far every damn time the ending leaves me very happy. George R.R. Martin book “A Clash of Kings” is barely a second one in Song of Fire and Ice, so maybe I’m judging too soon, but when is it not too soon? The book is so fat that an avarage author could make two to three books out of it. I’m grateful to our dear Martin for that, by the way, I wouldn’t want 22 books in a series, better a few very thick ones.
Very often in Fantasy books we witness the death of magic. Be it Tolkien and Lord of the Rings, where last Elves are leaving for the West, because a hour of a Man is upon Arda. Or Sapkowski and The Witcher Saga, where magic is simply dwindling out, either by someone using it up, or murdering it’s creations. In this case we witness the magic being reborn and that’s one big fat plus for these books.
As much as I love Dany and most of the Lannisters, this book made me understand how important Starks actually are. Starting with their mother. She witnesses powerful magic at hand in a kinslaying that happened before her very eyes in an arm reach. Her eldest boy Robb is now King in the North, fighting the Lannisters. Her eldest daughter Sansa first-hand (sort of, as much as high-born non-knighty-type ladies do) witnesses what it’s like to stand by the Iron Throne when so many want it and it’s defenders are such wusses. Her youngest daughter changes two lords and was awaiting a third to serve, all the while not leaving the tterritory of the same castle, because battle changes hands that fast. Luckily she seems fed up by it. Sadly, she didn’t go with the Faceless Man. Hell, that would’ve been The Innkeeper’s Song all over for me, I just know I would’ve loved it (and even the story is told in a very similar fashion). Little boy princes Bran and Rickon Starks are separated, just to keep the Stark blood alive. Betrayal fell upon them. But creators, was it a plot twist in the end! And then there’s the bastard Stark, Jon. Probably fighting the most important battle of all, far away in the North, beyond the Wall and the damned Seven Kingdoms.
So there we go. The Trees have Eyes again, the Dragons have returned and the Winter is coming. They say that it’s exactly the Dragons that bring the magic back, but is it really? The more I read, the more I do believe it’s in the winters cold grip that the magic awakens in a roar of a Dragon and a howl of a Direwolf. Thus making the very song of Fire and Ice. So far I do like it just as much as I hate it. Well, maybe I like it a little bit more, because I keep on reading, so I’ll give this one 4 out of 5, just because, really. First one was better, but this one definitely left me certain I’ll read on.

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