Yann Martel – Life of Pi

LifeOfPi Ah, took a long long while for me to finish my long-past b-day present. And I have absolutely no excuses. I had work, I played video games. But not a thing was too long or too severe for it to take WEEKS to finish one easy, simple and well written book. I hope these Black-Reading-Holes won’t happen often, I’d like to pass my limit of ~60 books a year soon. But, anyways, let’s get back to Yann Martel and his book “Life of Pi“, which, eventually, I did finish reading.
I will say right away that the book is easy to read, interesting enough, yet in general slow. It tells a story of Pi, Piscin who built a master plan of how to stop hearing the awful name “pissing” everywhere and turn into a new boy called Pi, as in Three Point One Four. His parents own a Zoo in India thus boy meets all sorts of people and knows all sorts of animals. So who better to survive in one boat with a Royal Bengal Tiger for over a hundred days, after the boat that was taking his family and some of the animals to Canada sunk? I’m fairly certain I’d be a steak in three days. But there he was, Pi, fishing, gathering salt-free water, sharing it all with the tiger, including the tiny space they both split and marked. Pi did the undoable. He became an alpha and as he admits – only because Richard Parker, yes, that’s the name of the tiger, was an Omega type of animal, an animal who prefers following, rather than dominating. And sure, there’s not many adventures in a boat in the middle of hell knows where, but we had a funny story of R.P.’s name, we witnessed insanity and fight for dominance, we saw a tiger behave like a kitten, and then like a dumbfound man who just had no way of saying the things he wanted to say, to this weird bald boy-tiger, Pi.
So, yes. The book is not the greatest treasure in our own personal sea of books, but it’s a rest from routine. And it’s a more valuable rest than reading of Sookie’s party dress, or some supernatural man who fell in love with a human girl. It fixes up well the name of the good Zoo’s (the good ones, let’s not dwell on the human-nature-freak-show’s that exist, with animals abused and starved), and shows well how we’re no different. And if we are – we’re probably much, much worse than any tiger out there. I’ll give the book 3.5 out of 5, but don’t get me wrong, had I time – I would re-read this with enough joy in me.

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One thought on “Yann Martel – Life of Pi

  1. Impressive books a year limit!

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