Hubert Selby, Jr. – Last Exit to Brooklyn

lastexittobrooklyn  Another e-book, another book read for a book club. This time it’s by the same author who wrote Requiem for a Dream, by Hubert Selby, Jr. This book is the first in such a topic-bundle by this author, out of which the third is Requiem. But let’s talk of Last Exit to Brooklyn, as it was the one.
It’s a basket of stories, all connected slightly by the characters, mostly by the view and fully by the dark, overly romanticised times they were in. The times were of the so called “greasers” if I understood it right (the rockabillies and pin-up girls got their way out from there), and the darkness came from drugs, alcohol, prostitution and the Union’s (the workers union, pardon me, forgot the english term for it by now) strike, which lead to a moral castration of those men, who back in the day fully felt that they must work and provide and woman is but a maid to serve them with dinner, kids and a hole to slip in when there’s an urge and no one else is around. Their women had to get jobs to provide the family and keep them from starvation, while men stayed home, with kids. Most still didn’t bother to clean and felt it’s their right – wife will come back and clean, it’s her job, screw her day-job. And worse than that, the book itself starts with a very violent, bloody, vomit and mayhem filled fight between those greasers, who a minute ago fought for a spot in front of a bathroom mirror to brush their hair, and now were beating up a soldier.
Vinnie got out of the jail and if I remember right – he “visited” the place more than once. A fairy (trans) fell in love with him and he figured that’s a thing usable. To show off to his friends – I can have this fairy any time I want and she’ll do anything I want. To get loot – drugs, drinks, even a place to get high at. And the sad shit is that Georgette is blind with love. She’s quite a lovely person, as far as I noticed, yet at the same time – she’s completely ruined by her need to get high and by her love to this double-standards using bastard. Vinnie, tho, shows up in most stories, while Georgette is nevermore.
Harry. A big big question mark, for I did not understand whether it’s same Harry who got to Georgette’s with Vinnie or another Harry. They do seem alike, but this Harry went positively insane.
Tralala. Who names a kid like that? Who named her that, really? And how did a girl who could have anyone by simply pushing her tits out, turn into a filthy (in a literal sense) street-whore, going out with anyone for a place to sleep, or for a little attention to that matter? Was it the letter, the one letter and one chance to affection her cold heart took away from her? Did it break her?…
And then there are all the rest. As I said, this book is a basket full of stories in New York, in a hot summer, with no visions towards future besides the question of how to get high and laid. Engines roaring, blood and sweat spilling and all that in a cloud of cigarette smoke, that’s this book. I’ll give it 3 out of 5, mostly for the tough time it gave me while reading it, for author adjusted to his heroes, writing things in a manner that fitted them, not him. I will read the Requiem for a Dream too, as soon as I can. And yes, I did see a movie by now, it was great and I might watch it again after the book.

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