Jurgita Noreikiene – Naberijus

Naberijus  Another Lithuanian author in my radar, and yet again there is no translation of this book anywhere. In compare, I could say that Jurgita’s NoreikieneNaberius” is like a Lithuanian version of Becca Fitzpatrick’s “Fallen Angel”. Different, yet somehow similar.
Almina, the main protagonist is a Cinderella type of a girl. She’s common and her being chosen by a Justice Demon Naberius just makes sense as the story evolves, for which I give thumbs up for the author, for I sadly see no damn sense in most demonic/angelic choices many other books give. She has a contract upon her, made by her now dead mother, to have vengeance an thus justice brought upon those who have forced her hand to kill herself. Almina, of course doesn’t know that. In fact, she hardly cares how madly in love she is with the Justice and Truth demon. That’s all up until the time when demon has to fulfill his duty for Hell and kill at an order of Almina herself.
Lots of fun things happen in this book. Bulgakov’ish weddings with a demon, Lucifer, the pompous arse, the purgatory’s meaning and in the end you figure – this book was absolutely not about vengeance, revenge, justice or truth. This was all about that grey color between the black and the white and how the good angels can be evil bastards, while the vicious demons can indeed supply you with justice and kind deeds.
I liked the different things in it too, like emotion-filled lives of the supernaturals. They’re like kids, naive, no matter their age, no matter their power. So they laugh if it’s funny, and they cry if they’re ashamed or in pain. For that I give the author another firm thumbs up.
Yet all in all the book is still a little weak, a little shallow on the surface. Almina is a bit dumb, with her inability to put two and two together, when the two is pushed right under her nose and she has another two in her purse all along. And some “sticks in the wheels” to further the story a little more through the pages made no sense to it too. And the backstories of some people, and the side-characters, those where a little bland if “eatable” at all. But since this is the first book by this author, I’ll give her 2.5 out of 5 and if the author will ever read this – I hope You will write another book, because You do have great potential. I will gladly read more. We lack the supernatural authors here, and those we have – suck quite a bit.

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