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revy-poster  Let’s start with Black Lagoon. First season doesn’t seem like much at the beginning. We find out, more or less, that Lagoon has a crew of three. The leader and captain – Dutch, who is a truly cool guy. Benny – the tech man who never gets enough airing time. And Revy, also known as “two-hands” for her weapon handling abilities. Let’s just say – Alucard would have stuff to talk about with this lady. All in all they’re delivery boys outside the law-border. They deliver guns, information and so on. But there’s an unwritten rule out there: if you can add unto your payment – do that. So when they were sent out to get a disk with very crucial information on it, they just grabbed the man who was with it together. Rokuro Okajima. They chose to call him simply Rock. Rock was a salaryman and Lagoon crew simply wanted some ransom for the dude. He has a clean reputation, this white-collar, so his boss might want to pay some… Nope.
Rock was soon ditched by his company and the next thing you know – he’s a delivery boy too, but this time – he’s fighting for his right under the Sun, where he wouldn’t have to kiss ass as much as he used to. It’s a very fun change that happens in many characters. Benny and Dutch were cool from start to end, so there’s nothing much with them, but, say, Revy, she was a drama queen, which disappointed me to madness. She was so cool, so good at what she did and yet she kept “blacking-out”, where she’d just turn cruel and completely dumb, throwing out such quotes as: “what do you know about me?”; “You don’t know what I went through”; “I fought for my survival”; etc. That gets fixed later on, so just bear with it, it’ll be real fun, promise!
All in all, we watch Lagoon do its job. A job after a job, nothing’s stretched out, but a job is not necessarily one-serie long, so you don’t get the rushed feeling either. Trust me, it’s hard for me to watch ANYTHING, so if I’m praising the way it was built up – it must be decent. And the jobs they got were fun. First they kicked neo-nazi ass, then met some nuns that’d fit Hellsing, and then there’s a maid Sebastian Michaelis would definitely hire to his crew at Phantomhive manor, and the asian lady (forgot her nationality) who spoke real funny and sliced things open like it’s a knife commercial. The season ends kind of abruptly, so I will give it 4 out of 5 only.

  Season Two of Black Lagoon… It starts with supernatural, or so it seems. Either way, the beginning thus might annoy, because it just seems like a whole different approach to the well loved standard of Lagoon. But one has to bear with it. In this season we see a little deeper into business Revy has with the nuns. And while series seem to be dragged out now a little more, they have a way to end each one like True Blood used to – on the best spot, to make sure you will indeed come back for more. And then there were these epic little bits we didn’t see in first season, like “bull-ride” Dutch is famous for.
This season definitely has less fun themes and is a hell load more dark and violent. Some crew members got reverted to less-cool types they were in their original forms, while others, like Balalaika, had their backgrounds covered and improved quite a bit. So all in all, this season gets 3 out of 5 from me. It’s worth watching them both, but if you didn’t like the first one much, second one isn’t necessary.


Diabolik Lovers got on my watching list by purest accident. I was looking for something else, saw this, figured, meh, why not, drawing style looked decent. So I went ahead to watch it. The season has 12 series too + one “half-serie” of “so far…” stuff in it, I skipped that, I admit.
Story isn’t much fun and there are a lot of plot holes. It starts out with this girl, Yui, who gets driven to a manor where she will apparently be studying with the “elite kids”. I know what you’re thinking – ANOTHER ONE?! Yes, there are many of anime’s like that, but this isn’t that (and I just watched Princess Lover not that long ago. I guess one should in general avoid anime’s with “lover” in the title). She doesn’t have to fit in among the elite boys. She has to fit in among vampires who just want her blood. There’s this whole bunch of brothers and half-brothers that live in the manor and they’re all vampires, annoying, angry, differently, but still… Annoying and angry. It’s all very awkward and a bit gross. First serie in she gets licked and bitten and called things like “pancake” and “bitch-chan”, which sounds even worse when you hear it.
Thing is, this soon gets forgotten. Yui finds a diary in the manor, with her father’s picture in there. Two series in – forgotten. Boys tell her she got into the manor as “sacrifice” for them – forgotten. And there’s many things even I forgot on the long run too, because it was forgotten. Only one thing survived – their mother. She was this evil vampire who is now trying hard to re-awake, because her boys killed her. Do you know who’s going to be used for that? Yes. Yui. All that while boys drink her blood in buckets, with each bite making this strange sound you’d hear if you filled a hard-plastic bag with something goo-y and popped a thin-tip knife into.
Yet it ended nicely, in my opinion. And not all of the boys were terribly annoying. Yui was most annoying though. She gets abused, verbally and physically and still stays there for whatever the heck her reasons were. Anyways, I’ll give the anime a 2.5 out of 5. Mostly because it was very short and the art style is to my liking. The weird eyes, the strange hair, the wallpaper patterns. And then there’s nice music in there too. Plus – one big plot twist. Only one. But big one.
vlcsnap-00002 Diabolik_lovers_1 Diabolik_lovers_2

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