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Oh, no, I’m not crazy and those are not old classics. It’s and it’s amazing 100% discounts. Yes, you get the book free! Now, I figured this out just recently myself, so if it’s news for you too, that new books can be given away free – you’re not alone. And I mean it, the books aren’t just some random poop, there are truly great ones among them, for instance, A. TapinHour of the Wolf“, he’s a Lithuanian author, he wrote and amazing book on steampunk and it’s magic and I found out about it being given away with 100% discount via such amazing site as
To make it short – I don’t get paid to promote this, the only gain I have is that there might be more people out there who will read, so I won’t have to talk as much with people who don’t, for very often those are very boring human beings (not all of them, at least). So let’s start with bookbub, because amazon you probably all already know. prompts you to register and pick the topics you like. It then will send according emails to you daily, not some “register here, promo there”, it’ll be raw and simple – these books are either very cheap or free on this this and that site. All you will have to do when opening the newsletter is chose where you wish to buy the free book – it will have available buttons already there, you just click them and puff – you’re there. One thing thou, be cautious, I only use Amazon to buy books and I can only speak for it, but sometimes their discounts end extremely quickly, which results in accidental purchases from a dollar, to several. It’s okay if that happens, just fill out a refund if you truly do not want the book, and they will give your money back in a couple of days. That’s all you need to check – whether the price is truly 0.00.
So, you registered to bookbub, you chose the topics and genres you like and received your first newsletter. You chose your books, you are certain they are free, but on the right side of amazon it has this dropdown menu with a choice or worse – a few choices. What I do is I just send all the books to the Cloud Reader, because from there on I can simply synch either PC reader or Tablet reader (Kindle reader, which is a free app to download directly from Amazon, you’ll see a constant ad of it everywhere on amazon) and start reading. AND THAT’S ALL. Seriously, there’s absolutely no more reasons for you to NOT read if you have a smart-phone or a tablet, the books are given to you, not just random nonsense, but truly decent and truly great books among them.
Wish you luck doing that and do spread the word. No need to give link to my page, simply go on and tell people about this magic of 100% discounts for e-books!

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