Anne Rice – The Tale of the Body Thief [VC #4]

WTheTaleOfBodyThiefhile very slow it all went with this book, it wasn’t because of boredom. It was pure busyness of my own. Fourth book of Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, “The Tale of the Body Thief” might have been stretched to the point where I scanned through text with sentences on the magic of weather and scenery (Murakami does similar thing), but if one does manage to pass it, one might truly love this book too. The trick is not to miss the point where the “night orchestra from out of the world” stops and the story again begins.
So. The tale goes as title says. Lestat is hunting, as he does, the evildoers, taking the worst of the worst kind. And this one particular night a young man runs up to him, hands him an envelope and runs off. Lestat knows that the man knew what he was. And the envelope? It contains a story, Faust or what the hell it was. A part of where one switches bodies. Meaningless little thing, it seems, until that very same man offers him yet another tale on body switching… And here it starts. A bored vampire of power as great as his understands he was presented a unique adventure – turning back into a human. Isn’t it, after all, what all vampires want? To eat, to shit and to fall ill, so to speak?
Lestat’s fledgeling Luis isn’t too happy to hear of such a man, capable to do such a thing. Especially since he wants Lestat’s supernatural body, with divine power at hand. He warns Lestat of this, but Lestat wouldn’t be the Brat Prince if he listened. Thus he turns to his mortal friend David Talbot, who soon passes on whole biography of this body thief Lestat encountered. Again, same Brat-Prince rule. He strikes a firm deal with the Thief. Few days, extreme quantities of money on switching-back. Otherwise – a great risk of being destroyed by the other vampires, for Lestat would definitely call for them (yeah, right). Body Thief seems very content about the deal. In fact, he reassures Lestat that it’s all he needs, a couple of nights in that magnificent body, with money to waste and blood to steal from people, for it’s all he wants to do – steal stuff.
But as one famous Warlord said – if a plan is perfect, it’s doomed to fail. I’ll give this book 4 out of 5 stars, because while stretched, which is the minus of it, it was quite brilliant on Lestat’s part. He proved to be the Evil Devil he claimed he is. He proved to be untamable by anyone, always winning, always getting his way. I truly didn’t expect some of the things to happen and am very glad that Anne Rice dropped exactly the unexpected in this. It’s that, with a pure sense in it, that I love in the books of this kind the most (the weird stuff as Murakami does isn’t exactly that). Thus, I did like this book. Maybe not exactly for what it tells, but for how it told it – definitely.

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