The mysterious Gravesend, Kent, UK

As you know or don’t, I’ve returned after my kinda-vacation in the UK, Gravesend. The last time I visited that town, I loved it, so it was easy to adapt right back in. To be honest, now I feel bad back home, everyone’s broody and angry for no actual reason. Cultural shock at home? With luck I’ll go back there soon enough.
Anyways! From the moment I arrived – the general things went great. Across the street – a Tesco store, thus – sushi (it’s decent. Not good, but really decent). Right beside it – Co-Operative, thus – blueberry RockStar. Bed – big and soft and nice! And, lets see… one that gives three free books, then two which only sell second-hand books, one second-hand store that has books by the bus stop, two more by the home and two more in the very confusing street, that makes 8 second-hand book stores I visited daily. Book variety – from ancient classics that crumble in your fingers, the unwanted stuff everyone has and no one wants, and the new stuff everyone wants but misses the opportunity. Plus, on last sunday I was there, I went to Car Boot market in Swanley. With result of bringing back home 125 books in a luggage that would’ve fit a body. Among the greatest treasures are Martin’s “Game of Thrones“, perfect condition, spine isn’t even broken, was 1.20 in pounds, and J.K. Rowling’s “Casual Vacancy“, free of charge. Book prices varied from zero to 5 pounds (10 dollars, I guess), and that was only one book I paid so much for. The best surprise were books on which Bones series were based, found them by pure accident.
Let’s go on with what I saw and ate and did. Every morning I’d get up around 8-ish naturally, mostly because it’s 10am at home and I don’t sleep-in out of a damn principle. I’d turn on my laptop, fire up the internet, of speed as great as I have at home, luckily, watch a youtube series serie and the stuff I subscribed at, dress up and go out, mostly because MOST of the stores open up at 10AM their time. They close up early too. At first it was quite a feat to walk as far as I did on daily basis, but since I had a choice to go or not to go, to go or to take a bus – I went on foot. When it’s my own choice – I can do miracles, I tell you. After a while it turned into a simple routine, so I started jogging, which resulted in me buying shoes, for I screwed up mine. I don’t like shoe shopping. A-ny-ways…. A week in I understood that I’m not looking, I’m just walking and getting books like crazy, so I forced myself to slow down and sort of smell the roses. Btw, kudos to Gravesend people, never saw so many little tiny gardens with such lush flowers in them everywhere. You’ve got a lot of trash everywhere, mostly because you’ve no other way to take out your garbage but to take it outside and leave it for garbage-men to collect, but you do also compensate for the unpleasant view with your peony bushes and other flowers I don’t even know titles of. So, as I said, I slowed down and started looking around. That lead to finding a lot of interesting things, like potion-bottles, little jewelry sales for the girl friends who waited back home and in their own countries. Then the supernatural-seeming people, one man in long leather coat who didn’t seem hot in it at all, with a huge red scar on his neck where a vampire bite would be, and the genderless-looking person who vanished into thin air as I turned to look at him or her again. Believe it or not, but Gravesend has quite a few books on paranormal activity, so while doubting my eyes – it was fun. And of course, me now has Sherlock in a box. Love every bit of it, the commentaries, the whatever else there is. Smart is the new sexy, knowledge is power, ignorance makes slave of a man, there, now you know I like smart people. Best part of getting it was my inability to remember what channel my shows are on. On the internet you just click a button and you’re in, in the outernet it’s a lot more difficult. The lad asked me which Sherlock I want, the BBC one? I said – the one with the Cumberbatch. Would be quite alright if not the little pout he made that kept amusing me for the rest of the day: Yeah, everyone likes him now.
Other great findings would be tropical guava (with black carrot) RockStar, which is not something I remember tasting. I might have, but I’ve no memory of it. It’s great. Just as great as the new RockStar with green apple, so very sour and refreshing. Fits with Wonka bars. Oh yes. Wonka chocolate. Oh and as for the Tropical Guava – don’t trust the reviews that say it’s sickly-sweet and syrupy. It really, really depends. For me it tasted like wild strawberry drink with sub-flavor (not a post-flavor).
UK_2_jrv rockstar_RR-jrv
What else, hm? Apparently that is all. The most important thing – I’m back and I’ve a luggage worth of books – is said. Soon I shall review Anne Rice’s fourth book of Vampire Chronicles “Body Thief” and it’s when I’ll speak to you next.

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