Do this; I will do what I want

Me: Start the game with this race, it’ll be helpful insight.
He: No, game tells me I’m more like this. How’s Skyrim, by the way?
Me: Oh, I think I’ll ditch my Dunmer and try out Wood Elves. They have the advantages I prefer.
He: What for? In a bit of gameplay advantages don’t matter.

Me: Leave this character alive, he’s real useful.
He: I will play it as I want.
after a while
He: You’re getting skyrim? Ok. You HAVE TO join stormcloacks, srsly, I won’t even talk to you if you don’t. And you MUST play a nord then too.

She: Here, read my blog, follow it too, I’ll write it.
Me: Okay.
after a while
She: Hey, what’s the matter with you these past days?
Me: Didn’t you read my blog?
She: No, sorry had no time. What was the url again?

She: OMG, you have to read this book, it’s so great, seriously, do read it, it will help you a lot.
after a while
Me: Wow, this book is amazing. It’s much better than the movie.
She: No, movie was enough for me, I won’t read it, I don’t have time to take everyone’s suggestions. I want to pick my own reads.

She: This book sucked, it’s horrible, the writing style is disgusting. (of one of my favorite books)
after a while I rated a book she liked a 2
She: Ugh, it’s gothic classics, how can you NOT like it? You probably didn’t understand it.

She: People need to be more loyal. It’s what matters.
after a few long days of no word spoken
She: Hey, what’s up?
Me: I’m a little depressed, sorry.
no more replies.

She: OMG, I’m so depressed, all I do is cry daily.
after a while
She: I’m breaking up with him.
Me: Why?
She: I can’t handle his broody personality, he’s constantly depressed, I knew people like that before and I don’t want to know such people anymore.

He: If they ask you something, you run like it’s a fire! When I ask you something – you’re too tired!
after a while
He: I feel a little sick. Could you go get me mineral water and stomach meds?
goes out even thought it’s 9PM

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