Graphic Novels and Addictive Games

On Goodreads I was finally updating my Graphic Novels. Those aren’t frequent in my life, mostly because there are too many books to read and I find Graphic Novels more of a pleasure piece, while books are pleasure and work combined, but I think they’re of quality. For instance, my favorite Cyberpunk piece “Transmetropolitan” (I didn’t yet finish Ghost in the Shell), or the great wonder “Hellsing“. Or the thing that made me do homework for a month ahead (when I was still in school) – “Death Note“. But even if they are of small number for me, they contain so many volumes per each that I do believe I flooded my friends (I hear O Fortuna in the background, what’s going on?).

Two or three days ago a friend got me Don’t Starve. She agreed we’ll get even on it, so at least for that I can sleep peacefully. But I can’t sleep peacefully because of the game itself. It’s addictive, it’s wonderful! It’s alike Minecraft and Terraria – you need to survive, especially during the night. The great difference here, that not only nature is against you, but you yourself too. You have to eat and food has to be decent at the very least, otherwise – Maker help you. The first time I played it I didn’t even understand what’s going on, what are those shadows surround me, why one of them looks menacing, WHY ONE OF THEM ATTACKED ME?! Then I figured. I ate mushrooms, I ate evil flowers, I ate monster meat, poorly prepared to that. I went mad and my madness consumed me. It’s a marvelous little dark game, truly. Very addictive tho, very, very!

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3 thoughts on “Graphic Novels and Addictive Games

  1. a Grant Morrison fan eh? Do you like The Filth and The Invisibles?

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