Haruki Murakami – Sputnik Sweetheart


Since a Steam game is updating still, I figured it’s better now than later that I tell you of the other book I just finished. This time it’s Haruki MurakamiSputnik Sweetheart“. I never expect too much from Murakami, for he’s not for every type of the mind. Instead I just read and wait what will happen.

This time the story is told by a teacher they call K. He’s in love with his friend – Sumire. And she’s in love with an older married woman she calls Miu, or Sputnik. Sumire is a strange girl and while complaining, K still does like her calls in the middle of the night, when she’s having a philosophical question of some sort. She’s quite poor, being a writer with no success, for whatever she writes – doesn’t fit one story, so whenever she wishes to call him, she makes an effort to walk all the way to the pay-phone, so he can’t even complain too much. But ever since she met Miu – she can’t write at all and only the fact that Miu hires her as a secretary – gives her hope.

Miu on the other hand is a strange one. Kind, but seemingly a little bit self-centered. She’s married, but has no sexual desire and never had sex even with her husband, they simply get along too well for it to be a problem. Miu also has a secret – her hair is completely white ever since something happened to her many years ago, and thus she dyes them black and never speaks of what it was. Right up until something Murakamish-Fantastic happens and Sumire suddenly disappears…

It’s a pretty darn good book. I expected that much, of course, this being not the first book of Murakami that I read. But the ending was so surprising and so nice. I do like good endings, nothing tragic and no “….wtf just happened?” stuff. So I’ll just give this book a 4 out of 5 and say, that Murakami has earned his spot in my shelves. Altho my favorite is still the Sheep Hunt for certain…

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