Alexandre Dumas – Adventures of John Davys


Classics are often a little hard to read. It’s in the style we’re not used to, and not in the story we might like. And as much as I do like Dumas, he also has that style thing. This time I was reading Alexandre Dumas – The Adventures of John Davys.

It must be one of the first books for me where I didn’t get bored while reading about ships and sea. In fact, at one point the constant mentioning of “Island stood as a boulder in the dark wast sea” seemed very familiar and reminded me Monte-Cristo. But in the end, I can firmly say that Davy John’s Adventure is a story made out of Arabian Nights and Jokai Mor “Poor Rich”, with eastern riches and fights, and an ending I could only compare to a shot to the head – extremely dramatic and quick.

Story comes in waves of interesting-boring, interesting-boring, and towards the end they get concentrated, so when it’s boring – it’s REALLY boring, and when the interesting part starts up again – it’s a killer. That is why it took me a day to sift through Johnes love story, contained in three chapters or so, but only a half hour to finish the book afterwards. The good bits were his friends, mostly. One of them escapes the ship to get married. The other one is a known poet, for some reason too into getting into all sorts of troubles, and so on. There was also a fight with pirates, which is always great. And the love story came soon after. In general, it’s one of those true adventure books.

All in all, Dumas is not disappointing. It’s just that you have to work with the classics and many will ditch it with their impatience, I think. I didn’t, and I am glad for that. I’ll give it only a 3 out of 5, but I think I’ll go search the second-hand stores (it’s out of print in Lithuania) and just buy it for myself.

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