Victor Pelevin – The Sacred Book of the Werewolf


A day, or maybe two ago, I finished another book by Victor Pelevin. This time it was something from my reading list, which is update often, and yet it seems to get only longer and longer, never shorter. It’s a book called “The Sacred Book of the Werewolf“. I knew Pelevin and his rough writing style, very deep, but with this dirty representation, from his other book, “The day of the Oprichnik” or how was it. Eitherway, I had forgotten that this book is his too until I finally took it for the reading. From the previous book I knew that he’s digging into the right topics, thus I expected. And I received.

At first it’s a little bit difficult to roll into the book. You get to know this girl, an old, very old werewolf, called A Chuli. She’s a fox who turns into a human, not vice versa. And she earns her living as a Night Lady, if I may say so. But thing is – a fox in human body is still more of an evil spirit, than a girl physically, so instead of actually having sex with her clients – she drops her pants, releases her tail out and bewitches those guys. She sits and reads by the bed, while they’re experiencing their sex fantasies. Alone in bed. But so well, that if he asked her to whip him – there’d be scars and sores and owies for certain, even if no one touched the guy. All would go well and good, but one day she meets one quite charming General who is resistant to her spell. And why is that?

There are more of those like her – foxes. They call each other “sisters” and write emails to one another. Each works this way, but some are more cruel than the other. For fox has no greater pleasure than to hunt. Some prefer chickens. They capture them, run off, allow villagers to chase them, then run away out of their view, release the chicken and go back home to rest with new-found energy and love for life. Others prefer hunting royal blood, for once – it was royal blood who hunted the foxes. The more drama – the better. And yet it all was a minor point of the book right up until the point where A Chuli realises that her tail began working differently ever since the General popped into her life.

What’s so deep about a book, you’ll ask me, for so far I said nothing, just the general plot. Well, thing is, that Pelevin has this way of knitting a great philosophical web. Difference from the philosophers books you could take in library and fall asleep upon is that this book gives it in a great and simple way, something meant for a person nowadays, a person in a hurry, a person who seeks a lame little laugh at something dirty, a person who is happy about the life as it is and yet secretly craves something more. This is one of those stories, where you’re introduced to the philosophy of: helping me you help yourself, for I am you, you are me, and we both are I. I enjoyed it greatly, even if it was slow at first – later we were taken for a ride on a road twisted as a snake, turn here, turn there, uphill, downhill and one damn sudden break. I’ll give it 5-5, hands off.

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