Quantum Conundrum


Quantum Conundrum, or the best game I played since Portal games. It’s a platform-puzzle single-person first-person game, as fun as a “A Vampyre Story“, “Portal” (both) and first three Harry Potter games. No one’s after you, no one’s shooting at you, so it’s a game suitable for anyone and everyone.

Story goes fun and simple – you’re a nephew who’s mother drops you off at her brother’s every now and again, assuming that her brother is lonely with his science. You’re a pre-school kid and while your uncle will pretend (poorly) that he cares not for you – his guidance is priceless and with no doubt – full of care. So, what happens is that you’re dropped off at his place again and through the audio system in the house uncle tells you to come in if you’re already there, he’s a bit busy at the moment, so you’re to grab your stuff and walk to the guest room. As you do, he gives some hints on what he’s working and naturally – experiment fails as you are there. In few short moments the fun begins – uncle got trapped in a pocket dimension and you’re the only person there. So you must help him get out of there!


  Uncle worked on dimension shifting glove, it operates four dimensions out of the infinity of possible dimensions. With some reluctance, uncle tells you to take it, for it’s the only thing that can help you to help him.

So, there are four dimensions, at first you only have one, then two, then three, then four, usually not all at once (rarely you get all four at once). Fluffy one makes everything light and puffy, so you can lift heavy safe boxes, couches and such. The heavy one makes everything heavy, causing even the light cardboard box heavy enough to weight down scale-pressure you’ll be sometimes using to unlock doors. The third one is time-slower, it makes time run slower, so you have more time to jump from one floating in the air furniture piece onto another and get across to… wherever you need to get across. And the last is the inverted gravity dimension, meaning – what goes down when falling – shall go up, giving you a chance to float through air by turning it on and off. P.S. – look at he paintings on the walls in all dimensions, it’s real fun.

QuantumConundrum2_msg2theming QuantumConundrum1_msg2theming

  At first I thought uncle will pass you generic lines that fit general situation – if you float through air on something – he’ll just acknowledge with a joke that you did float through air on a piece of furniture, for general choice is always a box or a safe, while there are soft chairs, couches and tables. But that wasn’t the case. Uncle was prepared for the little guy and his fun view towards… well, the fun of science. You break a glass, he’ll remind you: “If you’re allowed to do so now for the sake of science, it doesn’t mean you’re allowed to do it later on!“. When you float on a couch – he’ll make a couch joke. If you die and then pick up a table to do same work – he’ll make a table joke! So it’s not one generic line, it’s a simple joke for every situation. He’ll make fun of you and he’ll make fun of himself. And if you stop by the painting – he’ll tell you all about it. He’ll tip you on what you should do, tell you you did a great job if you did, but quickly change it to “acceptable” to continue pretending he didn’t need your company. Seriously, I’d like such an uncle. (Best is when he acknowledges that your mother will most likely kill him!)

Many puzzles require you to both turn on the power in the room to unlock the doors and reach the doors somehow, for often they’re not reachable anymore, for explosion shook the house hard and bad, when your Uncle failed with his experiment. Sometimes you’ll stand thinking what to do, how to do. Other times you will stand breathing heavy in anger for you just failed the tasked a hundred times over. And if you’re like me – it’ll be a great exercise too, for you’ll be sweating buckets, trying to pass everything everywhere, jumping over lasers, onto floating items, through the void below you!

Once, at one level, I believe it was second wing, which room – I don’t remember, I had to throw the chair, slow the time, run to power surge, drop a box in to cut it from the source which led to turning off lasers (which would destroy the floating chair in the process), and then run back, grab the floating chair, put it by the broken stair and jump up. What I did, was I slowed the time at the wrong time, resulting long pondering whether the lasers are glitched. It wasn’t, I was simply not thinking far ahead. Then uncle tipped me – wouldn’t it be great to extend time here? So I did it as I had to do! For I figured when I was supposed to slow the time after some thinking. But I was in so much excitement and hurry, that instead of a box, I used my head to block the surge (it’s not dangerous, only lasers are dangerous). After a while playing further, I found another source that needed to be cut and uncle again proves he cared for you and he watched over you, trying to guide you – how about this time you use a box instead of your big head?…


  Every time you die – you’re greeted with a witty line. Every time you do something silly – your uncle aknowledges that you did something silly. Every time you meet his pet Ike – you have a little laugh and secret wish rising to own such a pet too. And every time you stop by a picture – you’re given some insight on who your uncle is. It’s a fun game, a story about you, told by your uncle. At all times you are YOU (even if you’re not a boy), and your actions matter. It’s fun. It’s VERY fun. And it’s one of the best gifts ever, for I received this game as a gift on one of the Steam Sales (I’m happy to say that it was a second game I got as a gift and both of those games are worth ten others) and if I didn’t convince you to give it a go yet, go ahead and watch the trailers below, trust me, it’s not one of those cases where they show you best parts and rest of the game sucks – no, it’s JUST like that ALL the time.


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