New bookshelf made by the stupid goblins

Two days ago I received a new bookshelf for myself, for many the books that I own were being stacked into skyscrapers on the floor or on top of the cabinets, wardrobes and the old bookshelf.

IMG 1755

  The one above, shaped like a little staircase is the new one. And dare I say – I believe it was made by evil little goblins. Why is that? For the shelves aren’t tall enough for any decent book! I mean, I can fit the soft covers of pocket size, but many soft covers don’t fit there anyways, like not a single Bartimaeus book (J. Stroud) fits, many of my Dracula books don’t fit, even when they are in small formats! Who?? WHY and WHO would make bookshelves where 80% of the books that one can buy – DON’T FIT?!

  Don’t get me wrong. I’m grateful for it, I picked out many smallest books from the general shelf and placed it in there, but it’s still very uncomfortable. Most books fit just barely, therefor I still can’t figure a way of how to pull them out easily, when I can’t put my finger on anything else but it’s flat back. And some books, as you see, I just placed on their “bellies”, to lay there, for I have an OCD when it comes to books and I can’t keep same “type” of the books in different shelfs. Like, if it’s books of Dracula – they must be in one place. Other vampire books – in another place, but all together, and so on.

IMG 1756

  Charlaine Harris book of short Sookie Stackhouse stories lays with Dracula books, for it has a firm story on Dracula, plus – I don’t yet own whole collection of Sookie Stackhouse in paper books, therefor I don’t yet feel the strong need to place them together. Next is yet unread book by Dacre Stoker “Dracula the Undead”, the so said “Official sequel”. Then there’s C.C. Humphreys “Vlad: The Last Confession”, which is my personal favorite historical novel on Vlad the Impaler. Then there’s three Kim Newman books – Anno Dracula. I don’t yet have the fourth “Johnny Alucard” and I feel little need for it, because of what happened in the third book “Dracula Cha Cha Cha”. I also own three copies of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”, English one is not in the shelf, but you can see two prints of Lithuanian, that’d be yellow and black small books on their “bellies”, right above Elizabeth Kostova’s “The Historian”, which is great and lame at the same time, somehow. Above it all there’s Viktor Pelevin “Empire V”. Now, one could say it’s not a book on Dracula and one would be correct. The reason I did put it there is because Dracula is quoted there. Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed, I didn’t yet sort out the “warlord Draculea” from “vampire Dracula”, but someday I guess I will. The light purplish one is Karen Essex book “Dracula in Love”, a book that starts sucking REAL bad midway, if you’re classy-vampire type, and if Twilight made you go “ew, fairy-vamp”. The whole myth of why and how Dracula came to be is screwed up real bad. And the fact that author claims that she did research on it is even worse. She claims she “wrote this thing” then “checked it and it came to be true!” so in a way – she guessed this and that right and was happy of how paranormal Dracula came to be in her very own life. Pardon me but bloody hell, no, no. As a romance book, tho, it is good. As a book on Dracula – it’s horrible. So if you are the type of a reader who can just switch off “nah, imma just take it as some whole different story with same names” – then you will probably like it, for it isn’t bad, truly. It’s just my part that loves Vlad Dracula so much as someone who once was reality – that part of me was raging. Still, good romance if Mina was, say, Christine, and Dracula was, say, Joseph.

  The very top black book there is on graveyards, not related to Dracula in any way, but I liked it a lot, so I figured it may sit there.

  To those who think such book placement is dangerous – you’re damn right it is. But skyscrapers made of books are worse. They used to regularly fall down (I felt like that old man from J. Stroud’s Bartiameu’s book “Ptolemy’s Gate”, who got buried under the books regularly and needed Kitty’s saving), sometimes even hurting me or smashing things below, dusting everything and even damaging themselves. So I’d rather have this than that. Plus, books dust up less when they’re in shelves too.

  Getting back to Dracula – no, those aren’t the only books on him I’ve read. It’s just that many I don’t own yet. And some were by all means too book even laid on their “bellies”, like encyclopedia on wars, which I bought mainly for the letter “D” (it turned out to be a good book for starters, too little info for more advanced people tho).

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